May 25, 2020

What stands me out as an actor — The Delivery Boy, Jammal Ibrahim

Jammal Ibrahim

Tall and eloquent Nigerian actor, Jammal Ibrahim has said his uniqueness as an actor is based on his personality.

Speaking exclusively with Vanguard, Jammal who also added that every actor is creatively unique in their craft, said: “I don’t agree with the word make-believe.

“I think every artiste is unique in their own way and that is what makes each one of us different. What makes me stand out? I guess I just add my personality to whatever project I am working on.”

On how he is dealing with the pandemic as an actor and why his name is not out there, despite all his blockbuster movies, he laughed: “At the moment, I am stuck in another country.

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“I was on a movie. But that hasn’t stopped me from working. I have just recently worked on a short film and, also thanks to the pandemic, I have had a lot of time in my hands to write.

“We will all get through this. I am not sure how to answer your second question, but I will try. For me it is more about quality than quantity. That said, there’s only a handful of projects that I have been on.”

Trained by being on multiple production sets as a production manager, Jammal gained experience by absorbing knowledge from working with multiple actors, producers and directors.

The versatile actor, with a background in TV productions, holds a B.Sc. in Computer Information Systems from Babcock University.

He has featured in several movies in Nigeria. He played the lead character, Baba, in Abba Makama’s Indie Award Winning Movie “Green White Green”, which is exclusively available on Netflix.

He was also cast as Amir a lead character on Nodash Adekunles first feature and award-winning movie “The Delivery Boy”. He was one-time anchor of “Arewa a Kudu” a lifestyle and entertainment show on Africa Magic Hausa.

Also, Jammal was production manager and youth presenter for Discovery Channels Discovery +234 and was production manager and starred in AMVCA nominated series “Duplicity”. He is also an executive producer and creator for the hit music show Music Is on YouTube.