May 9, 2020

We’re in trouble

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By Francis Ewherido

Ordinarily, today, May 4, is one day I would have loved to stay at home, but I needed to get to Lagos Island to sort out my second set of eyes (glasses).

On my way, I found the premises of banks overflowing with people. It was business as usual, no social distancing. Then, I found out that the commercial vehicles did not follow the directive of the Lagos State Government on fewer passengers.

They carried the usual number of passengers and not all the passengers had face masks on. One “conductor” was even standing by the door of the moving bus; there was no space for him to sit.

On Iganmu Bridge, an articulated vehicle swerved and hit my vehicle. He damaged the driver’s door and side mirror. By the time I managed to come out through the passenger door, the driver and his companion were on the floor begging. I really shouted at them, but the policemen nearby looked at us with a monumental lack of interest.

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I was conscious of COVID-19 and did not get too close to the driver. I took a mental note of their registration number, scrambled into my vehicle and left. The vehicle is comprehensively insured and if there is need, insurance will take care of the repairs.

When I got to the Island, my preferred parking spots were occupied. One of the guys there said I should block a vehicle and leave my keys. In this COVID-19 era, never; I will not allow somebody I do not know his status into my vehicle. They later showed me an empty spot.

The Island was not at its full capacity, but sufficiently busy. I saw some very dirty face masks. They could stop coronavirus, but introduce bacteria into the systems of the owners. I also saw a lady who has not seen the guy for a while hugging him. It was a frontal hug and the guy took it hook, line and sinker.

I shuddered. Even with COVID-19? I saw young boys carrying items from a warehouse. They had no face masks and there was no social distancing. I shuddered again.

As I left the Island, the only thoughts on my mind were: we are in big trouble. We joke with trivial matters; we also joke with fatal matters. I will not be leaving my home/office any time soon, unless it is inevitable. I am troubled. I fear the worse. We are too stubborn, ignorant and carefree.

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