By Obadiah Mailafia

THIS is an imaginary essay, but I urge my gentle readers not to take it lightly. I was recently taken by dream-vision to the Infernal Kingdom. I beheld Satan sitting on a golden throne with diadems and glittering pomp. The powers and principalities paid obeisance to the King of Darkness; lying prostrate before him. There was light around him, A dark light, radiating great evil.

He of the cloven hoof gathered all his warlords, including the Horsemen of the coming Apocalypse; announcing that he had chosen a prince whom he is sending to “redeem” the world. A tall, blonde handsome young man in his early forties (name withheld) was brought before the assembly.

He was anointed with a golden staff and a signet onyx ring made of the purest blue diamond. He was said to be of born of an aristocratic Turkish-German father and an American mother whose bloodline belongs to the Rothschilds family. He was to have attended Philips Exeter Academy at Andover, the most prestigious boarding school in America. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in Philosophy and Mathematics at MIT before proceeding to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, earning a doctorate in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Engineering.

He summed up his academic studies by enrolling at the highly demanding MBA-JD programme at Harvard; winning laurels for academic distinction and leadership. It was inevitable that he would be initiated into membership of the super-elite Harvard Society of Fellows.

From his days at Philips Exeter, our man started dabbling in occultism. At first it was as innocent as playing with Ouija board and reading the books of Lobsang Rampa and the Six and Seven Books of Moses. He soon graduated to more sophisticated forms of the dark arts. In their Twelfth Grade, he and a friend from an affluent Boston Brahmin family cast placed a curse on their housemaster for his allegedly overbearing discipline. His marriage suddenly ended in a divorce while their only daughter went insane.

In his sophomore year in college our budding global saviour enrolled into of the most secretive Mystery Schools; becoming a grandmaster before age thirty. On his twenty-fifth birthday, he married a young heiress and graduate of Wellesley College, the prestigious women’s institution in Massachusetts. Upon graduation, he had a stint with investment bankers Goldman Sachs before starting his own private equity fund, currently with over US$500 billion under management.

For several years now, our man has been among the glitterati that feature at the World Economic Conference in Davos every January. The list includes Bill Gates, Tony Blair, George Soros, Prince Salman of Saudi Arabia and lesser mortals such as the President of the African Development Bank.

There could never be a more well-spoken cosmopolitan leader. Suave, svelte and debonair, he can easily switch a conversation from English to French, German, Turkish or into Spanish, Italian and Arabic. He can hold his own on subjects as wide apart the Jewish Kabbalah, Tokugawa Japan, Islamic mysticism, quantum theory, the music of Wagner and the paintings of Vermeer. He is a member of both the Bilderberg Group and the Club of Rome. He also serves on the Board of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The mission of the Anti-Christ, also known as Al-Masih ad-Dajjal in Islam, is to destroy the church of Jesus Christ and to gain world hegemony through deployment of fear, deceit, intimidation and ruthless cunning. He will work secretly to provoke wars and conflicts everywhere while inflicting the world with strange viruses with no known cure.

His most potent weapon, will, surprisingly be religion. He will present himself as an urbane, highly cultured and liberal individual. He will befriend religious leaders such as His Holiness the Pope; the Sheikh of Al-Azhar University, Cairo; the Dalai Lama; the Archbishop of Canterbury; and the Chief Rabbi of Israel. He will convince them to form a one-world religion. Only the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and the remnant of monks of Holy Mount Athos in Greece will not buy into the fraud.

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A principal agenda of the Antichrist is to unify the world through a new totalitarian ideology. He is also committed to a systematic programme of eugenics and world de-population.  With little scientific evidence, the global elite believe that the optimal limit for the world population to sustain civilisation on our planet is one billion. As we all know, the world population is today seven billion. It is projected to be 10 billion in 2050, of which two billion will be in Africa alone.

These agents of Lucifer have a deep-seated racism which they conceal with great sophistication. For decades, they have been obsessed with vaccinations in Africa, for which they have pumped a lot of funds through the Bill Gates Foundation, WHO, UNICEF and the like. This is only one side of the story. What is even more sinister. They have promoted wars, conflicts, insurgencies and bacteriological warfare in Africa. They believe that we Africans are mere tenants upon this glorious continent in which our God has placed us by His divine Providence. This explains the multiple afflictions our continent has endured in terms of HIV/AIDS and Ebola. We were not surprised when Melinda Gates prophesied that she saw “dead bodies lying on the streets” throughout Africa. Thank goodness, it has not happened.

The global elite have sponsored wars from Mali to Burkina Faso and the DRC. They fomented civil war in the Congo, leading to the death of more than three million. Through satellite technology, they can detect where rare minerals are lodged and they sponsor rebels to go and kill, maim and rape; preparatory to the vultures and hyenas descending on those hapless communities. We suspect they are behind the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria and the murderous herdsmen and rampaging bandits that have destroyed so many lives in our country.

They aim to destroy the very concept of statehood on our continent while using their global agencies to keep us impoverished. They have held our continent in chains for 400 years. They have even gone so far as erasing the teaching of history in our schools; knowing full well that those who do not know their past will never understand their present, let alone contemplate a viable future.

Thus, it comes about that our young people today do not know that the ancient Egyptians were Africans and that we were the first teachers of the human race in fields as diverse as mathematics, medicine, philosophy, architecture and metaphysics. They have never heard of the great kingdoms of Meroe and Kush. Our youths have been reduced to being drug addicts, worshippers of European football leagues and low-grade imitators of American pop culture.

But the grand strategy of the Antichrist is not only the destruction of African civilization; their ambition is global in scale. Their ultimate is world mastery. They want to create a world government, with a single currency and anchored on groupthink, mind control and an Orwellian surveillance system based on forced vaccination and digital implants.

The current pandemic provides an opportune moment to control the world population through a lockdown that will drive mass publics into despair and hopelessness. If we are not lucky, we find ourselves in a worse economic depression than that of the 1930s. Such catastrophes often portend violent upheavals that will fuel extremist ideologies. These in turn could destabilize the global equilibrium, leading to full-scale global war. Paralysed with fear and trembling, men will look for a “Saviour” to deliver them from the cauldron. And then the Man of Evil will appear.

The only duty of watchmen such as myself is to read the signs of the times and to warn our people that eternal vigilance is always the ultimate price of liberty.



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