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May 15, 2020

People Talk: Demolition of hotels by Gov Wike over lockdown violation (3)


Nyesom Wike

Nyesom Wike

By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“Most people think what Governor Wike is doing is because he cares for the people of Rivers state; that is not true. I see a governor who is extremely power drunk.

“He should please desist from all these rascally behaviour because of posterity sake. What he did is wrong.” -Tomiwa Adediran, Secretary

“Governor Wike’s action is impulsive and not worthy of a sitting governor in a country like Nigeria.

“He should have followed the path of the rule of law instead of taking such a ‘rash decision to demolish two hotels. I advice the hotel owners to sue him and demand justice.” —Tope Jones, Businesswoman

“An executive order is not judicial order. An executive order cannot exceed judicial powers and under the Constitution, the executive can only arrest and detain, it is the judiciary that fines, jails, or seizes property.

“The action of Governor Wike was in bad taste and everyone should rise up against it.” —Adanri Rita, Educationist

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“I seriously condemn the action of Governor Wike. It is disappointing for a lawyer who should know the law. This is just a reckless abuse of power and he should be sanctioned by the NBA.

“I advise the victims to take legal actions against the governor. Justice should prevail.” -Samuel Ogunsona, Commentator

“The governor’s order is against the law. He is not in the right position to take this action. Should we say we don’t have the judiciary arm of government again?  I expected the owners of the demolished properties get arraigned in court. In nutshell what Governor Wike did is not the best.” —Mego Sepojesu, Student

“The demolition of hotels and auction of seized cars in Rivers state, as penalty for violating the lockdown directive is an abuse of power by Governor Wike.

“It is unlawful and against his constitutional power. I appeal to the court and federal government to restrain him.” -Sanni Shakiru, Student

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