Lagos govt COVID-19 poll: 50% wants lockdown reactivated 

By Agbonkhese Oboh

Over 50 percent of respondents to a poll by Lagos State Government have demanded another lockdown in the state to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In the Twitter poll, Lagos State asked: “Considering the level of compliance with government’s directives on limiting the spread  of COVID-19 in a Lagos State, should the state government impose another lockdown or not?”

It was posted at 4:56p.m., on Wednesday, May 12. At 5:12p.m., on Thursday, a day before the poll ends, 60,285 votes had been collated.

Of that number, 50.4 percent (30,383.65 votes) said lockdown should be reactivated. 38.4 percent (23,149.44) said no, while 11.2 percent (6751.92) remained neutral.

Recall that five days after easing lockdown on May 4, Nigeria’s virus cases spiked by 1,354.

Also, the Presidential Task Force, PTF, on COVID-19 has expressed worry that Nigerians have ignored the plea to maintain social distancing and the wearing of face masks to curtail the spread of the virus.

Consequently, the Federal Government said it might be forced to proclaim another round of lockdown across the country.

Meanwhile, besides the voting on the COVID-19 poll by Lagos State government, responses to the tweet showed diverse opinions over the lockdown issue.

Aishat Usman said: “But my question here is for over one month of lockdown, was the case(sic) reducing or increasing? That is the question you should ask yourself. And you know lockingdown brings severe hunger on the majority of the poor citizens.”

For Ahmed Adeyemi: “Lockdown is not effective and cannot be effective in a country like Nigeria. Let’s stop this wrong approach.

“How many Lagosians can order gari and pepper online and have it delivered? How many do online banking? How many civil servants can genuinely work from home?”

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Still on the Lagos government COVID-19 poll, NURSES 2020 said: “Sure, it’s just a result of our decades-long failed governance. But then COVID-19 is here to checkmate us.”

Chijioke: “The last lockdown you imposed unleashed 1 million boys on Lagos, your palliatives were mainly audio. Hunger ravaged millions of Lagosians.Una no get sense?”

Aishat_Usman: “I have many evidence to prove my points that majority of the citizens are complying with your directives. One of my proofs is the markets that are usually congested.

“Since you directed that one day on, one day off, these markets are always partially empty. So why lockdown again?”

DidiGeo: “Why not look for better ways to control the crowds in Lagos. There won’t be anything like social distancing in Lagos because of the population.

“And if you want to lockdown again, make sure you provide palliatives for the people if you don’t want 10 million boys this time.”

The Lagos government COVID-19 poll will end tomorrow, May 14.



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