May 1, 2020

Kim Jong Un’s health issues reportedly caused by stress, alcohol

North Korea executes couple by firing squad for trying to defect



The stress of a being North Korea’s strongman, coupled with excessive boozing, led to health issues for Kim Jong Un, according to a new report.

Kim, whose whereabouts remain unclear since presiding over an April 11 meeting, purportedly “had something wrong health-wise due to either excessive drinking or overwork,” a contributor for Seoul-based outlet Daily NK reported Friday.

Although it admits “we do not know exactly,” the report adds, “He may have retired to his villa in Wonsan to rest.”

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Kim, whose absence has raised concerns about instability in the nuclear-armed nation, had initially planned to take a “short reprise” at his villa prior to heading to Pyongyang for the “Day of the Sun,” but skipped the planned event because he wasn’t feeling well, according to the report.

“Therefore, he must have felt that economic issues should be left to the experts, Prime Minister Kim Jae Ryong and Vice Chairman Park Pong Ju,” contributor Chung Chang Yeol wrote. “What happened next, however, was unexpected.”

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Kim may have sought to keep both South Korea and the United States “off balance” by instructing others to send diplomatic telegraphs or deliver birthday gifts in his name, according to the report.

“This kind of behavior fully utilizes the close and isolated nature of North Korea and, so far, it has been considerably successful,” the report reads. “This is all, of course, mere speculation.”

The report comes one day after Taiwan’s chief of intelligence said that Kim is “sick,” prompting his nation to create emergency contingency plans for a possible power struggle if he dies.

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