How to curb quackery in Nursing

Quackery is the promotion of deceitful or an ill-formed medical practice. A quack is a fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skills or a person who pretends, professionally, or publicly to have skills, knowledge, qualifications, and credentials he or she does not possess.

Who is a Nurse

A Nurse is an individual who has received a formal education, acquired skills, attitudes and registered by NMCN (Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria) to provide promotive, restorative, and rehabilitative care to individuals, families, and communities independently and in collaboration with other members of the health team. Nurses are there to help restore health, prevent illness, and alleviate sufferings that are medical-related.

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Characteristics of a Quack Nurse/Midwife

A quack nurse Lacks the license to practice as a Certified Nurse or Midwife thereby making such a person incompetent to carry out basic Nursing/Midwifery procedures. A quack will lack professional conducts

Causes of Quackery

Illiteracy, Poverty, Greed, Poor Licensing and renewal strategy, Poor routine supervision by NMCN to various health institutions and private sectors, Misconceptions about the profession, Poor penalty or punishment for quacks caught

Effects of quackery on the profession and society

Quackery can over time depreciates the image and value of the profession. It exposes the profession to a lack of integrity and uniqueness and stagnates the growth of the profession. It could make for possible increases mortality rate

Recommendations on how to curb quackery

National policies should be formulated in line with states and local governments to reduce quackery and promote professionalism. Laws prohibiting quackery should also be put in place with tough punishment for violators.

Nursing education in Federal and states schools of Nursing should be subsidized in order to make it affordable to individuals who have a passion for the profession but are financially incapacitated to pursue or acquire the formal education

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Federal and state governments should introduce payment of stipends to students of schools and colleges of Nursing in order to encourage students as they assist hospital Nurses.

Government and other organizations can support student Nurses with scholarship schemes to encourage the brilliant but less privileged ones

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