Dozy Mmobuosi Wounded Pride

The fight against insurgency in Nigeria has continued to linger on despite the catastrophic salvos given to the Boko Haram terrorists by the Nigerian troops. Victories over the insurgents have been declared again and again by the Nigerian government only for the battle to keep on raging. This developments have kept many Nigerians and foreigners in the dark about the true state of the fight against insurgency in Nigeria, hence, the book Wounded Pride comes to the rescue.

Wounded Pride, a brand new book written by Dozy Mmobuosi aptly x-rays the true state of Nigeria’s fight against insurgency. In the review of the book, Shola Opeke takes the reader on a voyage into the scholastic prowess of Mmobuosi’s creative piece that leaves a vivid picture of the subject treated in the book.

According to Opeke, “Wounded Pride talks about Boko Haram insurgency in North-Eastern Nigeria and insecurity that have enveloped the whole country.

The hostility has been fierce and brutal for years and it has made nonsense of the laurels won by Nigeria in various peacekeeping operations around the world. Boko Haram has defiled the giant of Africa… it dug it’s fingers deep into Nigeria’s eyes thus rubbishing her pride.

The book reveals that the meanness of Boko Haram was exacerbated when Chibok and Dapchi school girls were carried away into Sambisa Forest… Boko Haram base.

The most shocking revelation was that when Chibok school girls were adopted, the Nigerian government did not go after the insurgents to rescue them. For the Dapchi school girls, money was paid to free them.

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The government demonstrated crass ineptitude when Leah Sharibu was abandoned to the insurgents because she refused to denounce her religion… Christianity. It was indeed a demonstration of religious bigotry by Buhari’s government.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'wounded pride DOZY MMOBUOSI'The book exposed the complicity of the government when herdsmen, kidnappers and bandits overran the highways and ungoverned areas of the country… the forests. They bled the nation from East to West and from North to South. They collected ransom from those who could pay and killed those who could not pay.

The government watched helplessly from it’s fortified offices and mansions. The Biafran political activist Nnamdi Kanu thought he could ride along with the Fulani and agitated for the sovereign state of Biafra through IPOB but was clamped down by Operation Crocodile Smile and Python Dance.

El-Zakzaky a Shiite cleric has been brutalized by this same government and Islamic Movement of Nigeria has been declared a terrorist group by the government whereas the herdsmen that has been declared the fourth deadliest group in the world by the United Nations (UN)… the government has not even touched the group.

The book also highlighted the ineptitude of the Nigerian government over the insurgency and Fulani herdsmen, lending credence to the insinuation that Fulanization and Islamization of Nigeria have begun.”


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