May 2, 2020

Daré Olufowobi: Disc Jockey breaking bounds

Daré Olufowobi: Disc Jockey breaking bounds

Since he discovered his passion for music during his university days in the metropolitan city of Lagos, America-based Nigerian Disc Jockey (DJ), Daré Olufowobi has stopped at nothing in making himself standout among the numerous DJs in the Nigerian music industry.

Speaking on his foray into the disc jockeying profession during an exclusive chat, he harped on how the journey has been so far.

“I started when I was in the University, in Lagos. I have always loved music and how it’s being played or arranged. So I started by making my own personal playlists/mixes from my computer back then. It all got serious when I first played (Dj’ed) at a wedding, back in 2013 in Nigeria, to handling and coordinating the whole sounds, productions, equipment for a new club (Quilox night club), along with other lounges at the time.”

He added; “Then it all went up as I played for big events and top weddings. So I decided to come to the states for a quick DJ school in New York in advancing my craft, but then plans changed. I see a bigger market here in the states and decide to give it a try since I can always go back to Nigeria for events if needed. I have major works with top Afro-beats artists undergoing and plan to make the brand ‘EXPREZIONI’ even way bigger here in the United States. It’s been a fulfilling experience thus far.”

As expected, his success story hasn’t been without daunting challenges, but being the dogged person that he is, he has been able to surmount them all.

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Speaking on the challenges he has had to struggle with, he said; “No, it has not been easy. The challenge of trying to make a name/brand in America is very challenging. You have to start from the scratch, as no one knows you, so you have to put in a lot of work. I do all genres of music from Afro-beats to Hip-hop, Dancehall, RnB, Soca, Latin and House Music; and that really helps a lot in a diverse world where you just have to be a versatile DJ. I keep working on building my craft, I never stopped, and it has always been like that. I’m a goal-getter, always challenge myself. I’m grateful for everything.”

Being the enterprising young man that he has been all his life, Dare never allowed his passion for disc jockeying stop him from trying his hands at other crafts. Speaking further, he shed light on other endeavors he is involved in.

He said; “EXPREZIONI’ (an arts, fashion, music and lifestyle company) has always been about expressions; ‘express yourself’, that’s the motto of my company. So I have implemented that in all of my works. I have owned clothing stores (Unisex), to selling used cars (import/export) in Nigeria, to also being a DJ and an Entrepreneur. ‘EXPREZIONI’ has always been about arts, fashion, music and lifestyle.”

He concluded by sharing what his thoughts about what the industry would be like in the next decade. “It’s going to be bigger than ever; greater achievements, Mega Superstar Company known worldwide.”