May 4, 2020

Covid-19: Look to Agriculture to boost Nigerian economy, Shuaib tells Buhari, Investors

Shuaib Mubarak, Buhari

By Idowu Bankole

President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to look towards agriculture as he continues to work tirelessly to rebounce the Nigerian economy, which has largely been affected by the ravaging coronavirus pandemic.

The advice is coming from the Chief Executive Officer of SMO food and fruit, MR Shuaib Mubarak, who says agriculture offers full economic potential if harnessed and given needed priority.

In a statement made available to vanguard, the Chief Executive officer of SMO foods and fruit Nigeria Ltd, Mr Shuiab Mubarak told journalists that “Agriculture has never been affected by any pandemic, outbreak or any economic downturn.
According to him, “The coronavirus outbreak has made farming and another agro sector now growing more than ever before and the need for food is increasing daily.

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He noted that “The prices of products and other staples are getting higher every day, as there is no more room for the importation of food materials, Nigeria and indeed the world is depending on what is produced locally.

Mr Shuiab advised investors to, “Join Smo food and fruit Nigeria limited to enjoy farming and build wealth in agriculture.”
He said, “We have farm input capable of a huge return of investment like seedlings(dwarf hybrid Fruiting tree) e.g orange, mango, cashew, lemon, strawberries, apple, soursop, lime, permanganate and lots more that all fruit in a year, they are dynamic in produce, as they can also be planted on the ground or in the flower pot at home for home use.”

Shuaib Mubarak

According to Mr Shuaib Mubarak, these seedlings “are best for commercialization because they have big and many fruits per harvest and can mostly fruit all year round.”

On food crops, he said, “We also have food crop like dwarf okra, pepper, corn that can be harvested in 2 months, making for a quick return of investment.” He noted

The SMO food and fruits Nigeria CEO advised investors to put their money on agriculture as it is full of wealth and has potentials of huge profit.

He advised the federal government to do more on for agriculture saying that through agriculture, Nigeria can bridge the gap of unemployment, fight corruption and reduce insurgency to its nearest minimum.

“Farming is always full of wealth, all soil in Nigeria is good for farming, starting from the land which is appreciating every day, then planting of trees that fruit in a year or maximum 2 years, you harvest continuously for 35 years( which is a tree lifespan)
An example Pawpaw is most easy to farm,

“You can plant them in a flowerpot and on the ground, make N500,000 or more weekly on pawpaw farming on a plot.
pawpaw fruit in 3 months after planting and harvest is 6 month.

“Pawpaw has 100-300 fruit on a stand, and harvest is 5- 10 daily. Pawpaw fruit is sold for N100- N300 from the farm, this depends on the size of the fruit.”

“With N100 x 5 fruit is N500 daily on a tree, and 150 stands on a plot that is 500x 150= 75,000 daily, when removing other expensive you end with 50,000 daily on a plot.”

“Market prices of other fruit you can harvest include palm oil- N10000 per keg, Coconut N500 per fruit, Cashew N400,000 per tonne, lemon N1000 per fruit and lot more which are sold every day in our local and international markets.”

Shuaib Mubarak

On the health benefits from Agro produce, Mr Shuaib Mubarak notes that the immune system can be boosted when we eat foods made from natural ingredients.

He stated that “Eating of fruit daily make you younger, and give more healthy to the body. So have a little garden across the house is always easy with our trees that fruit in flower pots.”

On setting up farmland in Nigeria, Mr Shuaib Mubarak stated that “We are farmer consultants and help in farm setup. with over 10years experience in farming and tapping into the knowledge of thousands of farmers across the globe, we can impact farming skills on those interested to go into farming.

“You can partner with our farm, to benefit up to 100% profits yearly and free farmland and amazing benefit.
Free training on farming is always available at our office.

We are making a world agro tour, visiting all farms across the globe, sharing knowledge among farmer and giving us the opportunity to learn the latest technology in agriculture

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