May 6, 2020

COVID-19: I did not recommend self-medication — Gov. Mohammed

Bala Mohammed

Bauchi State Governor

Bauchi State Governor

The Bauchi state governor, Bala Mohammad, said by revealing the drug used while in isolation, he was not encouraging self-medication by people that contracted the Coronavirus disease.

Gov. Bala Mohammad had on Wednesday, April 29, said that the state’s medical team had used chloroquine and Zithromax to cure him of the deadly novel virus.

The governor spoke while giving an update on the situation of the Coronavirus disease in the state.

“I was a COVID-19 patient; I told the world and I have been asked to say how I got cured and I told them how I got cured.

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“I recommended that should be done to other patients too; I have no apology for saying that I used chloroquine, Zithromax, zinc, iron, and vitamin C to get cured.

“However, it was God that cured me, and to me, it is better to take something rather than sit down and die.

“If you have symptoms of fever, you can take chloroquine to cure it; if you have symptoms of infection, you can take Zithromax to cure it.

“You do not need a Doctor, but the Doctors are prescribing; I didn’t take these things on my own and I’m not recommending that people should go and use these without the recommendation of their case managers,” he said.

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The governor, who said it was a common knowledge that Coronavirus had no vaccine or drugs, prayed God to heal all the patients in the state.

NAN reports that Bauchi state had recorded 83 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with six discharged so far, and 77 still active.

No death has so far been reorder in the state as a result of the pandemic.