By Ekanpou Enewaridideke

IT appears some persons have begun to labour to distort and disfigure my position on Chief Boro Opudu. For such persons, they always produce contradictory data to counter my interrogative stand: Boro, did you work? For them Boro Opudu is a god on earth who can never be faulted even where the consuming cavities and missteps are undeniably visible and loud like thunder at a destructive dance.

I shall always refuse to be swayed by such visceral support and hysterical hailing of Boro as a god of unbeatable performance in security-related matters because I have the right to take a course different from Boro’s hysterical supporters/hailers and voyage away as a wailer.

Though the fact remains that I am on a voyage against Boro today supported by verifiable facts, I must confess that Boro Opudu did excellently well right from the cradle of the invasive dance of COVID-19 in Nigeria. In Delta State Boro was magically everywhere to ensure the enforcement of the lockdown ordered by the Delta State Government.

He was always at the borders with his crew to stop any inter-state violation of the lockdown. He also went round Delta State with aggressive campaign to create awareness about the dangers of COVID-19 and how the highlighted precautionary measures can be strictly adhered to.

His devoted involvement in the COVID-19-related matters ensures that the food items distributed to the various communities in Delta State powered by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa were safely taken to their marked destinations. These activities are quite commendable,but could the hysterical supporters of Boro still point to other achievements traceable to him? Or is commendable performance in security office only about what I have just drawn attention to?

Boro, did you actually work to meet the irrreducible standard of performance expected of you beyond your undeniable COVID-19 performance/achievements and the food items you personally bought and distributed to your own communities and a few others?

Can the world see why I am at Boro for non-performance in performance? A piercing blackout always claims the face of the earth whenever God Almighty experiences budget deficit in the management of humanity. The earth then becomes parched, deprived of the vivifying fluorescence of the moon in the wake of cosmic budget deficit.

In the philosophical thoughts of King Robert Ebizimor memorably captured in his song Esundu (Robby Okolo), that Ijaw music legend who psychically saw his death like Nostradamus who saw tomorrow, musically narrated it and supplicated God to grant his foreseen death on the appointed day but on the condition that it must be a death without the discomforting arrows of disease, the earth is always deprived of the moon’s fluorescence whenever God does not have money to buy kerosene to power the moon.

King Robert Ebizimor who died on July 31, 2014 by road accident because his prayerful wish to God for a disease-free death was granted, philosophically reasoned that point of which is the earth being left without the moon’s fluorescence which foresters, fishermen, hunters and palm wine tappers need to navigate the tortuous paths in the forest as a philosophical indicator of God’s occasional moment of poverty or deficit.

Annoyingly, Boro contends that the fluorescence from his security moon has not failed any day in Delta State. Boro, are you at war with the philosophical thoughts of the late King Robert Ebizimor? Do you want to be mobbed as a pathological liar? Boro, did you work in Delta State as the unbeatable security czar beyond your COVID-19 performance magic? For many days I have been discomfortingly deafened by Boro with claims of the unfailing radiance of his security moon light even where I tell him politely that I am not moved by his questionable claims and the hysterical claims of his undying believers.

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Chief Boro Opudu is the Chairman of Delta State Waterways and Land Security Committee who claims to have made remarkable achievements with his chairmanship though his achievements are uncharacteristically unsung by him. Eloquently, Boro argues that the remarkable achievements of his committee stem majorly from the healthy partnership and synergy built with the Joint Task force in the Niger Delta subsumed within the smart agenda of Governor Okowa.

However, my deafness may be more pronounced than the legendary deafness of the Tuomo iguana poetically captured by the great poet Ebi Yeibo in one of his books when it comes to shifting my position to walk on the argumentatively cleared path of Boro.

Why should Boro arrogate excellence to himself in performance as the Chairman of Delta Waterways and Land Security Committee from 2015 till date? Wont Boro shut his mouth and allow independent investigative team excavate his so-called excellence or the unfailing fluorescence of his overdramatised security moon, as archaeologists would do if the remains are indeed there?

Yes, I can remember now! I can vividly recall that Boro was always devotedly prompt and proactive in the pursuit of maritime criminals in the Niger Delta wherever it is reported but we must be very careful not to give him performance credit that is not his. Precisely, Peregbakumo Oyawerikumo, notoriously called Karowei, kidnapped four missionaries on October 13, 2017 in the Niger Delta.

The Rear Admiral Apochi Suleiman-led JTF furiously swung into action to rescue the kidnapped missionaries through collaboration. The furious collaborative efforts of Rear Admiral Suleiman yielded fruit when Karowei was arrested by JTF on January 11, 2018 – a time one of the four missionaries, Mr. Ian Squire, had already been murdered by Karowei.

The arrest marked the end of the merciless maritime terrorism of Karowei in the Niger Delta – that ferocious Karowei paternally and maternally from Oyangbene and Ndoro in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

This does not and cannot justify the claimed excellence of Boro because this feat was achieved chiefly by the JTF Commander without his(Boro’s) involvement. No bloody civilian can claim this and Boro has never and cannot claim this feat because it was purely the JTF who did the magic without his input.

That Kariowei was eventually hunted down was solely the performance magic of  the Suleiman-led JTF. Could Chief Boro and his hysterical supporters be actually thinking of other achievements to validate his claimed unfailing fluorescence emitted by the Delta Waterway and Land Security Committee?

Boro was saddened when I told him he had not fought maritime criminality enough to merit my accolade; this was when Boro provokingly referred me to countless cases of kidnap, illegal bunkering and armed robbery in Delta State catalogued from 2015 till date. He asked me to give the catalogue a meticulous attention and tell the world if the catalogue is still a product of lie of Ekanpou’s hysterical creation. It dawned on me that I had actually challenged and provoked Boro to a fight in his own territory, as a justified anger sat ‘yenmenti’ on his face. Am I safe?

Must Boro have read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart profitably many times enough to personify the virtue of silence? Like the Achebic silence, in the peak of his justifiable anger Boro simply allowed himself to be swallowed by silence and detailed the catalogue of his achievements to have endless conversation with me rather voicelessly.

The Delta Waterways and Land Security Committee was inaugurated on November 15, 2015 with 66 members but now 166 members drawn from the 25 Local Government Areas of Delta State.

Resourcefully resolved reported cases of kidnap, cultism, maritime brigandage and illegal bunkering dominated the catalogue: the October 22, 2015 kidnap of Mr. Angadi Boloupesibo of Ogriagbene in Bomadi Council, the January 2016 Cult war in Ashaka community in Ndokwa East Local Government Area, the July 4, 2016 abduction of Mrs. Mercy Agege in Ethiope East Local Government Area, the October 17,  2016 sea pirate arrest at Okuama community in Ughelli South Local Government Area, the June 7, 2017 kidnap of Mrs. Marian Ofili in Isoko North Local Government Area, the June 27, 2018 abduction of Mrs. Tejiri Anidi Oris of Oha town in Okpe Local Government Area and many other cases of armed robbery.

My eyes grew weary going through the voluminous catalogue of achievements and so I stopped the perusal midway when I was yet to open at the pages that contain the most notable achievements of Chief Boro Opudu. Could this be the dance of a security czar with lamentably unsung achievements in Delta State?

I threw the catalogue back at Chief Boro but he insisted resentfully that I continue my ‘excavatory’ journey and not provokingly re-enact the telephonic drama of ‘Her receiver rearing on the thunderclap/About my ears’ in Wole Soyinka’s Telephone Conversation. Evidentially boxed bare-knuckle to discomfort, Chief Boro has won the argument as Mike Tyson of the day! Instantly, I signalled a placatory positional reversal to Boro and left without a responsive word from him.

From all indications so far, it appears that it is high time I confessed thus: Let those who wish to be factually boxed bare-knuckle to rubble with catalogued security data by Chief Boro continue the ‘excavatory’ question, Boro, did you work?

I have lost the power to argue with Boro because he is armed with the factual bazooka. From now till my bones grow weary and wail, I shall never repeat this ‘excavatory’ question: Boro, did you work? because the emission from Chief Boro’s security light is an unfailing fluorescence even the late King Robert Ebizimor would not be willing to question philosophically – an unfailing fluorescence which parallels the sea’s fluorescence in Soyinka’s poem, ‘Night’, though Chief Boros unfailing fluorescence can never be quenched by Wole Soyinka’s Night at night.

Admittedly, Boro, you have worked devotedly as a security czar to merit claims of excellence but your claimed excellence parroted here is actually the Akparemogbene-born storyteller’s flight of imagination on hysterical wings. Boro, you have always lived a life devoid of categorical claims of excellence in performance as the Chairman of Delta Waterways and Land Security committee but still, I must add this ‘excavatory’ question, even if jokingly: Boro, did you work beyond the COVID-19 performance which your undying supporters have made a hysterical drama out of?

*Enewaridideke, a public affairs analyst, wrote from Akparemogbene, Delta State.



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