April 13, 2020

US Supreme Court to hold virtual hearings over COVID-19

US Supreme Court to hold virtual hearings over COVID-19
US Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court on Monday announced plans to hear cases by teleconference in May, a move described by watchers as highly unusual.

The change of practice, according to the Spokesperson of the court, Ms. Kathy Arberg, is due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Among cases to be heard virtually is one on whether President Donald Trump’s tax and financial records should be public, according to local media.

The court also will hear arguments by teleconference in a case over the complex US presidential election system.

Media reports say this case focuses on whether Electoral College electors are free to break their pledges to support a candidate who wins their state’s popular vote.

The justices and the lawyers arguing the cases will all participate remotely, Arberg reportedly said.

“In keeping with public health guidance in response to COVID-19, the justices and counsel will all participate remotely.

“The court anticipates providing a live audio feed of these arguments to news media. Details will be shared as they become available.

“The court building remains open for official business, but most court personnel are teleworking.

“The court building remains closed to the public until further notice,” the spokesperson added. (NAN)