Dr. Agbeyome Kodjo, the man believed to have won February’s Presidential election in Togo but said to been declared the loser has again been arrested.

On Monday April 20, 2020, about 8pm,  soldiers were deployed to arrest him at his  residence  at Tokoin.

The soldiers, numbering about 200 blocked  the access, streets leading to his residence and forcibly took over all the neighborhood. Eye witnesses said that they were heavily armed, dressed in black with their faces masked.

They besieged the place till the following day when they received  instructions  to break into the house.

They reportedly forcefully entered, beat up people in the house, handcuffed people in the house including visitors.

They ransacked every room in the house. Dr Agbeyome  was with the retired catholic Achibishop.

They arrested all of them and sent them to service de renseignements et d’investigation. office of gendarmes. Kodjo had been invited by the security men on April 1 and April 9,2020. Tuesday’s invitation to SRI was the third in the month. . He said he could not attend on health grounds and sent his lawyer to represent him in the first two invites. The soldiers did not wait till the  Tuesday, April 21 9pm deadline before invading his house.

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‘Dr Agbeyome has not been well for sometime now and asked his lawyers to represent him the previous times,’ a source said, adding ‘yesterday,  they did not give him time to respond.’

Dr Agbeyome Kodjo, was said to have  won the  presidential election 22 February 2020 in Togo. When the electoral body declared incumbent Faure Gnassimgbe winner, Kodjo contested the declaration, appealing that the votes be recounted as suggested by international bodies including USA. He has not known peace since then.

As at Thursday afternoon he was still under the gendarmes custody although his children were released late last night. However, some people were still in detention.



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