April 28, 2020

Rt. Honourable Busayo Oluwole-Oke, an icon at 53

Rt. Honourable Busayo Oluwole-Oke, an icon at 53

By Akintunde Bello Sheriff

The longest-serving federal Lawmaker from Osun State, Rt. Honourable Busayo Oluwole-Oke, MHR is undoubtedly a man of the people.

The last 16 years of his public service is eventful. Within the period, he has affected many lives positively, whipped the tears in the faces of many people, and replaced accordingly with smiles. He was able to do this because God is pleased with him.

Busayo Oluwole-Oke (BOO) speaks and understands the language of the masses. No wonder that this refined politician who, in spite of his intimidating academic qualifications, is entrenched in the art, science, and chemistry of politicking, always putting people first in all his undertakings.

Busayo Oluwole-Oke’s example is not common in that fortune has always smile on him. Yet, he carries himself with full humility. Despite being our Oga and Egbon, he has never called me by name and I sometimes wonder what Man will do this?

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A Leader’s measure is in the quality of his close association. If you perchance know and get noticeably close to this gentleman and savvy parliamentarian, you are sure that you are conveniently fixed. If it is was not yet your time, you can take a bet that it will reach your turn.

In the roll call of those who have undertaken the welfare of the Peoples Democratic Party and its members in Osun State, known to me, in ancient history especially, after the numero uno dynasty in Osun political hemisphere, nobody can contest that Busayo Oluwole-Oke has no place among the retinue of others.

What I am saying is that the party helped him, and he is helping in his right in return, making it what is called symbiotic relationship in my knowledge of elementary Biology.

The day BOO explained to me how he spends his basic salary, I can but agree with him that he has done justice which will make any curse impossible to glue on him.

He receives no allocation yet will send his monthly pay to the constituency for justice to be done amongst his constituents including royalties in his domain.

He searches everywhere in the government so as to be able to secure slots for the occupation of his people in the employment service.

Busayo Oluwole-Oke is a smart political calculator of the calculus of politics and this has fetched him an array of Friends and foes alike.

I am enthused to him because I consider that he is brilliant and can build a world for the many people coming after him in their pursuits to reckoning.

That was why in 2007, I and others like me under Prince Kehinde Oloke with our defunct NYMD attempted to campaign for him to become Speaker of the House of Representatives, an ambition that made us crisscrossed the quite thousand miles in Nigeria.

We had been to the main palace in Yoruba land where His Imperial Majesty Oba Olubuse Okunade Eri Ogun was the King as well as the ancient palace in Oyo where Oba Adeyemi Alaafin is reigning.

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This is how much hope we had built in the Celebrant of today and we were convinced that we were equally building our own castle having extracted his commitment at that time.

Busayo Oluwole-Oke as influential and being a Man of affluence has not taken any chieftaincy titles and does not glory in status hyping.

He keeps it simply cool. The only two persons he has called his Mentors nay Leaders to me ever is Asiwaju Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke of blessed memory and Prince Oyinlola Olagunsoye when he was a Governor too.

The multilingual NASS  Member has successfully kept his family out of the beaming of lenses and cameras in politics, another rare attribute of everyday Politicians in Nigeria.

Happy 53rd Birthday to a legislative Juggernaut, The Rt. Honourable Busayo Oluwole-Oke, founder and proprietor of Lead British International Schools in Nigeria. Many happy returns Sir…

Akintunde Bello Sheriff (ABS) writes from Ede, Osun State