By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“I think the problem is that we are used to depending on people. Those in government are opportunists who use situations like this to enrich their pockets.

“Mismanagement of funds has always being our problem not lack of funds and until the federal government work on that, I pray we don’t continue to be slaves to the international communities.” -Adelayo Adebayo, Training Consultant

“I think the federal government retrieved some huge amount of money in their fight against corruption. We keep hearing of recovered fund but what’s the use of all those money if not for the pressing time like now.

“We all know that the world is going to experience an economic setback because of the ongoing pandemic and we need to try to keep away from more debt.” -Adeleke Toluwani, Analyst.

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“The finance minister recently said that Nigeria’s revenues have tumbled with the fall in oil change prices. All these means that Nigeria’s economy is low.

“We are even still recovering from a recession caused by the last period of weak oil prices. I will support the idea of federal government borrowing money from other international lenders, that money is needed for a better facility in our hospitals, and to take care of those infected with Covid 19.” -Adebayo Kehinde, Student.

“It’s very evident that FG’s attempt to source for $6.9 billion from international lenders to fight COVID-19 is another invitation to eternal affliction.

“This is because the end of the war against COVID-19 is the beginning of another battle to paying off the lent money.

“They should rather make use of the available money given to FG by some well-to-do citizens. FG should make no attempt to do that.” —Shehu Kayode, Writer

“I think the funds already donated by well meaning individuals would go a long way if only things would be done right. If the fund available are utilized well but is still not enough, then we can think of how to get loans from other countries.

“For now, I don’t we should borrow from any country or international lenders.” —Pam Erica,  Corps member

“I believe Nigeria as a country isn’t organized. The rate of corruption in our country is highly alarming, borrowing money at this time is a very wrong move. What exactly are we fighting? What specifically is the money for?

“Is it that Nigerian Healthcare team is incapable or this is just another way for our so called leaders to add more zeros into their account?” —Kenechukwu Daniel, Student.

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