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April 23, 2020

[People Talk] COVID-19: Should FG extend lockdown?

[People Talk] COVID-19: Should FG extend lockdown?

Illustrative: Lockdown in Nigeria to stem spread of coronavirus

Illustrative: Lockdown in Nigeria to stem spread of coronavirus

By Olayinka Latona & Bose Adelaja

“Who is suggesting extensions of the lockdown at this point in time? The lockdown is enough for now because many people are going through hard and serious time as a result of hunger.

“Let it be stopped. Government should find other ways to contain and tackle the spread of the virus.” -Rev Jolayemi Sunday, Cleric

“It is my opinion that a lockdown extension is most unreasonable because it is just less than a month and most Nigerians are already crying of hunger, while some had embraced crime.

“The only way an extension can be reasonable is if the government provides palliative measures to meet the welfare of Nigerians.” -Oguche Omale, Post Graduate Student

“The lockdown is a globally recommended approach in curtailing community spread of the virus.  Is lockdown effective? Yes! Is the government providing required palliatives to cushion the effect of the lockdown on Nigerians?

“No! Wearing of face masks be made compulsory while other measures should also be put in place.” -Hyacinth Alapa, Journalist

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“Nigeria is already in crisis, all thanks to the presidential lockdown. Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan have been cinemas of robbery and violence, all thanks to presidential lockdown induced hunger.

“Kyari’s burial and other examples show that the social distancing regulation is not being equitably enforced. Government should call off the lockdown.” -Ubrure Jite, Businesswoman

“Based on happenings around, it’s reasonable that the lockdown should be extended but with adequate palliatives provided for her citizens without or with minimum requirements attached.

“And the citizens should be provided first-hand information; enough awareness/publicity should be created.” -Idebi Faith, Stylist

“In as much as there is no other means to curb the ravaging pandemic yet, it would be best for the federal government of the nation to extend the lockdown in Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun so as to stop the fast spread of the virus (COVID-19).

“To ensure that the stay-at-home is more effective, relief materials should be provided for Nigerians.” -Oyewale Jeremiah, Freelancer

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