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April 24, 2020

[People Talk] COVID-19: Should FG extend lockdown? (3)

[People Talk] COVID-19: Should FG extend lockdown? (3)

Illustrative: Lockdown in Nigeria to stem spread of coronavirus

By Olayinka Latona

“I feel with the way the number of new cases from Lagos increased in the past few days, I feel the FG should further extend the lockdown with strict enforcement, else we will be looking at larger numbers than what we have seen from these states.” Ogunkunle Emmanuel, Writer

“With lockdown extended, employers and employees face an uncertain future. Nevertheless, if the FG decided to extend lockdown in Lagos,Abuja and Ogun then, there is the need for the government to put necessary things in place in order to will reduce the rate in which the virus is spreading.” -Sa’ad Abdullahi Halimat, Makeup artiste

“I think they should extend  the lockdown especially in the Abuja and Lagos because the number of cases in the state is getting too much despite the lockdown. The virus can’t be eradicate with people going out. FG should also provide relief packages for the people so as to curb hunger.” -Ayeni Oyindamola, Businesswoman

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“It is in the best interest of the public that until this deadly virus is contained, the lockdown should not be compromised. In war, nobody advices anybody to stay at home, this also should be considered as war.

“My prayers however are with the health workers and those who’ve lost a family member to this pandemic.” -Fafiolu Samuel, Public Analyst

“I didn’t support the idea of extending the lockdown because people are hungry. I think we’d just eventually find a way to coexist with the virus.

“We can’t stay indoors forever trying to find a cure to what doesn’t look like it has one while suspending our lives.This lockdown hasn’t been easy on a lot of people.” -Adora Blessing, Entrepreneur

“I will say the FG should extend the lockdown. There’s limited movement but we still have daily increase in numbers of the infected people. If the government ends lockdown, the rate at which people get infected with the deadly virus will be more higher.

“The government should also improving  the stimulus package.” -Saleeman Aishah, Entrepreneurial

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