April 20, 2020

Obey instructions on social distancing, hygiene  – Ukairo

Obey instructions on social distancing, hygiene  – Ukairo

As Nigeria continues to experience an upsurge in the covid-19 pandemic, an Afrobeat musician Tobechukwu Ukairo whose stage name is DopeManTwizzy has called on Nigerians to pray and follow instructions on social distancing and hygiene as directed by the Presidential Task Team on COVID-19.

In an interview with Journalist,  DopmanTwizzy urged the elite in Nigeria to support the effort of the Federal Government in providing Palliatives to the vulnerable people to cushion the effect of the lockdown across the states of the federation. He applauded all those who have already supported the government’s effort.

DopeManTwizzy noted that he has made personal efforts to support those around and beyond his environment.

“ personally I make my little efforts to support the more vulnerable people around my area. If everyone does a little in their area it will reduce the potential damage significantly”.

The twenty three year old DopeManTwizzy said that his music is unique and is appealing to most Nigerians.

“My style is Afrobeats, I say this because it is rooted in African music,” he said. “But my personal experiences for example; places I have lived [UK, Canada, Nigeria], studying music professionally etc. are things that influence my style and make it unique. You can’t find my vibe anywhere else.”

Dopeman Twizzy who has been in romance with music since he was 11, recently dropped a single, titled “Solo”, which he said is doing well in the market.

He has other tracks like; Bumbastic, Have sense, Tonya Tonya, Asampete, and Tonto which are equally enjoying playing time.

“I have had a lot of good feedback and I see myself further than when I started putting out music just over a year ago. “My target has been to be consistent over the last few years. I aim to make visible progress consistently as far as streams, following, reach etc. It is all accumulative,” he said.

According to DopeManTwizzy who acknowledged that Nigerian artistes are doing well, however said that his style is mainly influenced by that of Michael Jackson, Future and Led Zepplin.

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Speaking specifically of Nigerian artists, he said; “they are hard working and  talented”.

When asked if there is any plan to release a new album, the Afrobeat sensation noted that, “for sure, my new music is on the way. Although the pandemic might cause us to slow down a little, it will definitely be shared with the world soon”.

DopemanTwizzy, who is from Abia State but resides in Lagos, urged the Nigerian government to invest more in education in order to improve the country’s entertainment industry.

“A significant percentage of the population is not really technically savvy yet and that may take a little time. “As for the government, the more the country progresses in terms of education and financial equality, the easier it will be for music to travel round quickly.”