Rt. Rev. David Onuoha writes on life after CONVID-19

French Army doctors take care of evacuated coronavirus patients aboard a military plane.

The Coronavirus pandemic that is presently ravaging the world, is one that has brought powerful nations, their kings, presidents and leaders, to their knees. It is gradually but steadily inching into Nigeria as the number of those being infected continues to increase by the day.

Various state governments have come out with measures to prevent this plague from entering and spreading within our communities. The sorry state of health care delivery in our country will definitely make the situation in China, Italy, Spain and America a child’s play, should this disaster happen here. However, we must support our leaders to ensure that we stay free and safe.

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There is no doubt that this agent of death will eventually leave this planet. We are confident that the Almighty God, whom we have so thoroughly offended and/or sinned against, will show us mercy and save us from this deadly pestilence.

It is important that we open wide our eyes to see what the Lord is showing us and ears to hear Him. The total lock down of various nations and cities means that the world will soon run out of food and other essential requirements. It is not clear where the next supply will come from after exhausting the stock most families have.

While praying for quick divine intervention to end this scourge, it will be necessary to remind us that the emerging scenario is a society that will witness acute scarcity of food and money.

What this means is that even if there is money, it may not be easy to find something to buy. We must not lose sight of the fact that in the midst of the fear and confusion presently facing us, God has in His magnanimity blessed us with rainfall.

We must avail ourselves of this unique opportunity to go to the farm. Now that every one is at home, it should be part of the stay at home package to cultivate gardens and plant vegetables.

Making it a point of duty to farm at least enough for the family use is the only way of planning for life after COVID 19. To survive Corona virus and die of starvation shortly after, is also disastrous because as one of our musicians once put it “all die be die”.

Every congregation in the diocese of Okigwe South is under obligation to cultivate at least an acre of farm land. The priests are hereby directed to sensitize and conscientize their various congregations on the need for every family to farm this year. At the appropriate time, a team led by the Bishop, will move round to inspect the farms and assess the level of compliance to this directive by the various parishes.

We plead with our traditional rulers, community leaders and village heads, to join the Church in the effort to save the lives of our people both now and after this pandemic. We must go beyond the palliative of hand sanitizer and face mask and start working against a possible out- break of famine that may hit our people in no distant future.

Imo State Government should factor in agricultural revolution in its strategic action plan against Covid-99.

•Rt. Rev Dr David Onuoha Anglican Bishop of Okigwe South.

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