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Covid-19: Perspective into African/Global consciousness towards reality

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COVID-19: Rights activist makes plea for female prisoners…( We live in interesting times. Corona will shine our eyes and hunger will give us brain to make the necessary changes.)

By Prince Faloye

The current coronavirus pandemic is different and more profound than any other pandemic experienced in the last 2000yrs. The Crowned Virus is one with a mission to shine our eyes and give us brain in local parlance.

It is to change our global consciousness by demystifying, downgrading and destroying all global structures, in order to give way for more humanitarian sustainable and just civilizations. If Jesus or any Messiah had descended from the sky to attempt it, he would have been nuked mid air and jailed if landed, so the Crowned Virus was sent to reach everyone.

Without the Coronavirus, China’s economic growth rate hovering around 8 percent for the last 30yrs, it had been obvious for a decade that in 2020 China would overtake the USA economically. Corona virus is just the Universe/God’s way to amplify the overtaking and burn it into our global collective consciousness, and not only reported in economic journals and elite newspapers.

For the culturally enslaved African who believes that Whites belief systems and God made their ancestors lose out to slavery, colonization and now neocolonization, China, a non-Abrahamic nation, becoming the superpower, defeats the notion that Jesus/Mohammed were the only ways to prosperity. Coronavirus downgrades the White supremacy dogma in Abrahamic religions and Western styled governance and business success.

The claims of Abrahamic religious healing and deliverance used to milk millions of gullible Africans have been revealed to be baseless by Coronavirus. To cover up their inability to forecast or cure the Crowned Virus, many have claimed it is a satanic invention, as 5G, 666 and other conspiracy theories have been advanced. Their greed and lack of social empathy has been highlighted by their pleas for online tithes. Anti Chinese propaganda has increased exponentially by the sore losers that paint Chinese humanitarian efforts as evil and biological warfare against Africans.

About 20 years ago I came across astrological predictions that there would be a change in global consciousness caused by the collapse of all global structures collapse and rise of new global civilizations. I had just finished writing my books, The Blackworld, Tutuoba and Scales of the Vexed Giant, and decided to Google a date of special importance to my writing process, 11th August 1999, which brought it up as the start date of the new Age tied to the Four Apocalypse Horsemen in a now defunct Christian foundation website, Chrystalis or something.

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Related searches spoke of a change in global consciousness and explained the Apocalypse Horsemen Ages, but not from a Black perspective that I had with the advantage of writing the Blackworld. Most important was the astrological identity of the 3rd Horseman with the totem of a Black horse and Scales of Balance, destined to become the new superpower civilizations, which was Nigeria and China, both born on October 1st, the month of Libra of Scales of Balance.

A few years later I delved deeper into astrology which I translated from an Original African cultural perspective, thanks to a chart of global equivalents with Orishas. Out of all trends, the 250yrs cycle of Oya (Pluto) especially in Capricorn (Babaluaye/Saturn house) struck me as it was obvious that the 1770 beginning of the end of Oyo Empire (as well as French and British global supremacy, and the birth of USA), was similar to the happenings in 1520, with the sacking of Oyo Empire by Nupe Islamists, (the beginning of the end of Roman Catholic Holy Empire and the birth of, British and French ascendancies). The same cyclical influences could be seen in 1270 with the introduction of gunpowder and the beginning of the end of Islamic global supremacy. The influences were clear for 8 cycles back to the start of the Roman Empire, the birth of London etc.

The final puzzle was my stumbling across the concept of Precession of the Equinox, which made me realize that the concept of the Apocalypse Horsemen had been known long before the Bible. The concept of the Precession of the Equinox was based on binary knowledge of the Sun and its 24,000yr cycle divided into 12 Great Years, 12 two thousand year trends.

It became clear the new Age of Enlightenment and Justice that started on August 11th 1999 would start in earnest when Oya brings all existing global structures down, then inspire a 2000yr Age based on Shango, the ruler of planet Uranus whose house was known as Aquarius. We knew that the crash of all systems would be kicked off by the once in 250yr meeting of Oya and Babaluaye, the Orisha of Structure and planet Saturn, in the Babaluaye sector of the sky.

The meeting date was 12 January 2020, however the question was how would all global systems crash at once. Some thought maybe a nuclear holocaust, flood or fire, but the translation into Yoruba made me understand the spiritual characteristics of Obaluaye, the Orisha of planet Saturn. In my book, The Scales of the Vexed Giant, written in June 2000, I had told a story of how only Soponna could aid Nigeria to defeat the USA and the rest of the Western hegemons, bringing about a new global structure.

Even though I had told Ooni of Ife and other paramount monarchs across the South and Middlebelt of a new incoming Age, which we should proactively embrace through cultural unity, it wasn’t until 2019 as Oya and Babaluaye moved closer that I requested supplications to be made that will welcome the positive influences like Amotekun and to mitigate that Babaluaye doesn’t spill a pandemic from his Soponna sidekick when Oya wind crashes into him.

As bad as Coronavirus is in terms of deaths, it was still the better option to nuclear, fire or floods, and definitely more effective as it affects every human being. Moreover, it was not a destination but a means to an end. It wasn’t to end the world but change it through the forced reactions and errors. Most especially, the lockdown that will destroy the present economic systems, will provoke hunger and unrest that would pull down unjust political structures especially in Africa. It was more of a psychological exercise to change global consciousness.

Abrahamic dogma that thrives on fear of Hell corrupted the meaning of Apocalypse, which actually means the revelation of hidden knowledge that would be used to build a new civilization after the old structures had been destroyed. The most important hidden information revealed was that of DNA evidence of the Origins of Man, the identity of the oldest full statured African group that would enable the articulation and unification of Original African culture sphere. This was vehemently opposed by Christian Scientists who warned that the revelation of that hidden knowledge would challenge and destroy all Abrahamic beliefs systems.

To keep the White supremacy doctrine and Abrahamic dogma alive, those in the know fought tooth and nail to prevent the Apocalypse and are still doing so with a vile anti-China propaganda and conspiracy theories. But they have failed and will continue failing as Oya and Obaluaye have released Corona to lay everything to bare in a cascade of events. Since the change in global consciousness will affect every group, Africans both in the Diaspora and on the continent will have their share of eye-shining.

It is currently reported that the African Diaspora is dying at a higher rate than their African counterparts due to Continental Africans herd malaria immunity and Vitamin D. This will eventually lead to an exodus of the Black Diaspora back to Africa as brutal reality dawns on them that they are not better off than their African cousins, who they felt they were better off as house Negroes feeding from Black enslavers and colonizers. More so, once the economic fortunes of the West falls as African and Chinese rise, the economic incentive will disappear.

On the continent, the main issue will not be how many are killed by the virus, but the hunger and pestilence self inflicted by the sense of racial inferiority complex that make the leadership blindly follow foreign methodologies instead of Original African culture.

The Eurocentric African leadership, especially Nigeria political class had jumped at the foreign approach of lockdowns without considering its local socioeconomic structure, bereft of a comprehensive database of its people, institutions etc. This is the mother of all colonial mentality approaches that would put an end to it all. If only they knew that the last time when humanity came to the brink of extinction, while ancestors of Whites ran into Central Asian caves, we survived better in the West African Sun.

To compound our problem, the current leadership has over indebted us to foreign lenders, so we have little or nothing to survive and feed the locked down masses. The government has reached out to foreign lenders but it is doubtful that the Western economies can afford to squeeze out funds which they also need to survive themselves.

Even if the foreign funds become available, short of Manna from Heaven to distribute the food and essentials, the most needy can’t be reached without a comprehensive socioeconomic database, whereby less than 20% of the population has a bank account. Therefore hunger and a sense of injustice will prevail and might lead to flashes of anarchy between now and 2023.

Astrologically, Babaluaye has moved into Shangos house on March 21 2020 to build structures and events that will inspire the fight for Justice that would be fully set alight with Oyas entry in 2023. On ground, we have entered a one chance bus according to local parlance with the lockdown that has broken both international and regional supply chains especially for food and essentials. Ogun went to meet Babaluaye on March 31 in Shangos house, the day the Lagos/Abuja lockdown started, whose influences will strengthen the quest for justice.

Around 19th April, Esu might provoke Ogun with misinterpreted news from home, which might lead to anarchy and much more when Ogun himself gets home in the period between June and December. Globally, if care is not taken with Ogun(Mars) around April 19th or during its long stay at home, there might be war launched by the West against China/Russia, but it would be defeated as nothing can stop the change of Ages.

Nigeria could have anarchy and armed resistance due to the hunger and frustration of the lockdown, which might even bring us close to war. However, Obaluaye has just started building structures to fight unjust economic cultural and political systems when it entered Shangos house on March 21 2020. Its conjuction with Oya had given birth of Amotekun, but it has to slowly crystallize the sense of cultural and economic injustices through the lockdown and pestilence. All these will fester mostly with anarchy and hunger until 2023 when Oya sets alight the unstoppable quest for Original African political, cultural, economic justice and 2000yrs global ascendancy, on the structures built by Obaluaye over the next two years.

Out of the various trends that will all come to play over the next decade in relation to Nigeria, one of importance is the 2000yr trend, especially what happened 2000 years ago as the Roman Republic crashed in 23AD and the Roman Empire started in 27AD. While the Romans used the Spatha, the sword of God, to push the era of Olokun/Pisces, this new Age is based on the revealed hidden knowledge to unite Yorubas, Igbos, Ijaws, Jukun, Adara and all Original Africans in South and Middlebelt. Either through war or compromise, Yorubas and Igbos must unite the South and Southbelt in 2023 and by 2027 we should be on the path global Black ascendancy.

The next phase in this Apocalypse is the December 21st 2020 meeting of Obaluaye (Saturn) and Obatala (Jupiter) in the Shango (Justice) sector of the sky, labelled the Great Transformation, when we begin to rebuild. However, if we try to rebuild the same unjust systems, we would continued to be battered by Oya with Soponna, Coronavirus. Instead of the current despair of Corona virus, the harsh aspect of Oya and Babaluaye, we shouldn’t take our eyes off the positive aspect, Amotekun, the unifying cultural totem of Original African cultural sphere.

By 2027, everything should be clear but global stability might not come till when Obatala (Jupiter) meets Oya (Pluto) in Shango sector of the sky in 2031. Oya doesn’t leave Shangos house till 2041 when it moves to Olokun and we will have floods and wars for clean drinking water, but not as bad as we currently experience in this 2020 decade of Great transformation.

We live in interesting times. Corona will shine our eyes and hunger will give us brain to make the necessary changes.


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