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April 24, 2020

COVID-19: People treated with herbal cure recovers faster ―Ezeife

Ezeife: Personal encounters

Former governor of Anambra State, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife

Former governor of Anambra State, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife

By Johnbosco Agbakwuru – Abuja

A former governor of Anambra State, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife has said that “said that available information has shown that people infected by COVID-19 and privately treated at home recovered faster than those taken to isolation centres”.

Chief Ezeife also known as Okwadike stated this while advocating the use of herbal cure for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). According to him, the virus cannot survive African herbal cure.

“Information available on how families dealt with their relations who had tested positive with COVID-19, but were not taken to isolation centers or COVID-19 treatment centers, but were privately treated at home, suggest that the coronavirus cannot survive some herbal treatments,” he noted.

In a statement titled, “A call for more aggressive treatment (cure) of coronavirus”, which was made available to Vanguard, Chief Ezeife commended the alertness, commitment, resolve, and the resulting effectiveness with which the government has dealt with the invasion by the coronavirus. He said that a major defect observed was in the treatment of persons attacked by the virus.

According to him, “All fair-minded mature people must, irrespective of political leanings, commend the alertness, commitment, resolve, and the resulting effectiveness, with which people in Government, have dealt with the invasion by the coronavirus.

“The responses of all the governments including African governments were very commendable. But there is, in one very critical area, a major defect, a lapse and, indeed, a failure. This is in the area of treating persons attacked by the virus.

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“Contrary to the aggressive treatment required for this invading virus, medical conservatism became, and has remained, the order of the day. Tests and clinical trials must be fully completed before a drug is prescribed even for a drug that had been used on people, for other health problems for decades, and is known not to kill nor have serious negative side effects.

“Aggressive approach would have pounced on chloroquine, for the treatment/cure of coronavirus, when it was mentioned by a whole President of the United States of America, who intended such aggressive attack on the deadly virus.

“President Trump is not known to be a medical doctor and must have been informed about chloroquine by an experienced medical doctor or medical doctors who are familiar with the medicine.

“Who knows how many of the COVID-19 dead would still have been alive today if chloroquine had been used aggressively in the treatment of the virus. Not even after Dr Zev Zelenko of New York added two elements to the chloroquine therapy (Azithromycin and Zinc Sulfate), and treated more than 100 patients, without a single death, was the treatment regime embraced with enthusiasm.

“It is as if those who tested positive to COVID-19 are taken to isolation centers and watched to die unless Vitamins C and E and the sheer presence of medical personnel can save them.

“A new drug. Ivermectin, produced by the combined efforts of four institutions: Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity, the University of Melbourne and Royal Melbourne Hospital, has not been received with the enthusiasm which an aggressive treatment strategy should suggest.

“Instead of promoting new and existing medicines, all focus, attention, and enthusiasm are devoted to the search for vaccines.”

Herbal knock-out for COVID 19

Continuing, he said, “Information available on how families dealt with their relations who had tested positive with COVID-19, but were not taken to isolation centers or COVID-19 treatment centers, but were privately treated at home, suggest that the coronavirus cannot survive some herbal treatments.

“This is great news for Africa. But instead of aggressively grabbing herbal medicines to knock out COVID-19, we are hearing that the government and the media, in Nigeria, are playing down on herbal medicine.

“Only a few days ago, we read that the National Association of Traditional Medicine (dealers) were protesting the playing down of traditional medicines. One of the herbal procedures for treating COVID-19 is “steaming” by which the person is covered (with thick clothing material like blankets) over very hot boiling or boiled water, with various herbal elements boiled together. The person draws (breaths) in the steam through the nose for 20 to 30 minutes!

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“Consider the following: COVID-19 is said to enter the body through the nose, mouth, and throat and it stays in the nose and throat for days (three or four days). There, it causes irritation (itching in the throat), dry throat and dry cough, among other problems.

“It is also said that COVID-19 does not survive in a hot environment. In addition to the steaming, the person being treated may also drink the boiled water filled with spicy herbs. Should it be any surprise that the steaming can knock out any COVID-19 caught early – before it blocks the respiratory tract?

“Among the herbal elements in the steam are usually neem (dogoyaro), lemon grass, ginger, mango leaves, guava leaves, etc. In addition to the above herbs, other herbs used in the reported herbal treatments, and other known ones not used, include: garlic, onion, turmeric, uda, bitter kola, bitter leaf, lemon, lime etc. In many cases simple orthodox medicines, especially, Vitamins C 1000mg and E (for immune boosting) and paracetamol were added.

Neem (Dogoyaro) leaves

“Except in the case, involving a person, in a big office in Nigeria, for whom Black Seed Oil was blended with onion, and administered for about 5 days, all other reported herbal treatments for Covid-19, were combinations of the various elements mentioned above.

“Typically: Lemon (two or three cuts), ground Ginger (one teaspoon), ground Turmeric (one teaspoon), ground black pepper (half teaspoon), ground Garlic (half teaspoon) are mixed in hot water and taken (drank). This works both as a preventive and as a cure. Herbal medicines, like the above, are most effective when used early – at the inception stages of the infection.

“Everybody at the risk of being infected, including the medical personnel should be required to take the herbal medicine. The aggressive use of herbal treatment can end COVID-19 Pandemic. If people take the herbal mixture every morning and steam every four days, COVID-19 may be nowhere to be found. It is good to add Vitamin C (1000mg).

“None of the reported cases that were treated at home, needed more than six days. And it was not reported that anybody died while being treated! COVID-19 cannot survive our herbal cure!”

Embracing the cure for COVID-19

He appealed to professionals in medicine, medical science, and medical technology, to take a good look at the reports of, unusually many deaths, coming from Kano, 18th to 20th April, and overlook what might appear like panic extolment and recommendation of herbal medicine for both prevention and treatment/cure of COVID-19 pandemic.

“Dr Zen Zelenko’s therapy should also be aggressively adopted, so should other new discoveries after not unduly long process of tests and trails.

“Governments at all levels should continue to do their best in managing the Pandemic, but there is a need for a more aggressive treatment/cure with both orthodox and herbal medicines. Herbal treatment should be made available at all treatment centers for COVID-19.”

Vanguard News Nigeria.