By Rasheed Sobowale

The 14 days lockdown ordered by the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has fully commenced on Tuesday in Lagos State and Abuja (FCT). Ogun State, the third state included in the order is set to commence action on the order by Friday.

Vanguard, just as done earlier to gather Nigerians stories on how they were preparing for the lockdown also asked social media fans how they spent the first 24hours of the lockdown.

“I spend it observing peoples wife and children doing road works” -Patrick Samuel 

“Lonely and bored…pls am tired of staying at home.” -Esida Embid Promise 

“My only annoyance is that NEPA refused to give us light oo! Please, tell EEDC people to switch the light on and go home. Let me know the one am suffering from na” -Gabrielle Chigoziem 

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“I kept praying and hoping that the figure will stop increasing every day.” -Kayode Ogunyemi 

“I slept all day yesterday but some how I read some books. It wasnt easy staying indoors.” -Emeka Destiny 

“Hmmmm no ligth in my area,even nothing to buy in the shops because they have all finished.” -Ibrahim Alibank 

“Poverty is not good oo 😫😫.. My neighbor woke up around 2am, opened his window and shouted “WHO DID I OFFEND” went back to bed.” -Jermaine T. Raymond 

“Peeling melon to cook soup” -Chi Ma Obi 

“Well there is light throughout we read we supplicate eat and watch TV” -Fatima Wakil 

“No money,no light so everything looks boring,” -Rasak Adekunle Nafiu 

“I spent mine playing game.” -Ezugworie Maxwell 

“BOREDOM. But then God’s word lift the bored moment off. Been listening to messages I haven’t had time to listen to. It’s time for REVIVAL.” -Liberty Sanat Iliya 

“I woke up sleep again, woke up sleep again….” -Ani Titus 

“Playing card, ludo, ncho and I set aside 2hours for Bible meditation. Until this afflictions passed.” -Ibekwe Ndidi Josephine Okafor 

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