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April 2, 2020

Coronavirus: Players are afraid to continue playing, says Nicaraguan club official

Coronavirus, Nicaraguan league

As the Nicaraguan league continues despite the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging various countries across the world, general manager of the oldest club in the country, Sergio Salazar has disclosed that their players afraid to continue playing.

Nicaragua’s league is one of only three competitions in the world, with Belarus and Burundi – continuing to operate during the coronavirus crisis and the decision to press on has sparked fear and disbelief.

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The players were expected to put on their face masks before their home match against fourth-placed Walter Ferretti last night and they were hoping for the best. They are third in the country’s Liga Primera and it offers a chance to put the heat on those ahead while widening the six-point gap between the sides.

“Our players do not want to continue playing,” the Diriangén general manager, Sergio Salazar, says. “They are very afraid and we understand them. We want to suspend the tournament but all the clubs have voted and the majority want to continue.”

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Although circumstances are being reviewed weekly in a country that has publicly confirmed five cases of COVID-19, Diriangén were the only club to oppose the league’s continuation at its 10 clubs’ latest meeting on Tuesday.

The line from most of their rivals, including Wednesday’s opponents, is that they will play until the ministry of health says it is unsafe to do so. It is virtually impossible to find anyone elsewhere in the division who will go on record to deviate from that view.