March 26, 2020

SystemSpecs launches Paylink, empowers SMEs, others with Easier Funds Collection


As more businesses in Nigeria encourage remote work and social distancing, leading financial technology (fintech) firm, SystemSpecs has launched Paylink, a web-based solution that helps Micro, Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as religious organisations, not-for-profit outfits, social media sellers, freelancers, individuals and many more to swiftly receive payments from everywhere, even abroad, this period and beyond.

Paylink by Remita assists merchants to get paid quickly, regardless of their size, structure or geographical location, by simply sharing a customised link connected to their bank account with their payers via social media, WhatsApp or email.

According to a statement signed by SystemSpecs’ Managing Director, John Obaro, Paylink was developed to address the pain point of SMEs and individuals who require an easy-to-use, personalised and memorable means of collecting money without sharing their account details. This need remains just as crucial at a time when various organisations need to collect funds for various purposes while practising social distancing.

With Paylink, users can customise their payment link with their logo, brand name and account number. They can also create specific links for distinct products and services, generate e-invoices for the settlement of the cost of specific goods and services and collect additional information they might require from payers.

“Paylink is a secure and simple means of collecting funds. It enables the merchant to extend their market reach, convert their social media profiles to a one-stop-shop for end-to-end consummation of business transactions, and track their inflows through comprehensive reports. Above all, it costs nothing to set up,” said Obaro.

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Divisional Head, Payment Applications and Vertical Markets at SystemSpecs, David Okeme, affirmed the signup process for Paylink to be simple.

“It takes just a few seconds for merchants to set up their link. They simply sign up on the product’s website,, with a few individual and financial details,” he said.

Okeme said that users of the solution include religious organisations for offering, tithes, zakat and other collections; non-governmental organisations for donations and contributions; MSMEs for payments for good and services; individuals for personal needs; insurance companies for premium contributions; investment houses for savings; and estate management companies for collections.

Okeme added: “Associations can use Paylink by Remita for due payments and crowdfunding, while cooperative bodies can use it for savings and schemes; religious institutions can use it for tithe and offering payments; e-commerce firms can use it for payments for goods and services; and schools for fees. Essentially, there is a Paylink for everyone.”

With Paylink customisable for each user, new adopters are encouraged to grab their unique username before someone else does.

SystemSpecs, the developer of Paylink by Remita, is a Nigerian company with interests in financial technology as well as design and development of human capital management solutions and services.