Shutting down Lagos, Abuja without palliatives will be counter-productive — YPN

Indeed, the recent pandemic threatens Nigeria’s socio-economic existence and as such deserves all the efforts and attention but to completely shut down the commercial nerve centre of the country without any immediate palliatives will prove to be counterproductive, the youth party has said.

In a written response to the address of the president on the Covid-19, the party through its spokesperson frowned at the federal government’s decision to shut down Lagos, Ogun, and Abuja for 14 days.

The spokesperson of the party, Ms. Ilamosi Ekenimoh, said that “65% of Nigeria’s economy is informal, especially in Lagos and these individuals survive on earning a daily income. It is, therefore, a bit insensitive for the government to shut out at least 5 million people in Lagos without anything to fall back on with those 14 days. How will they fend for themselves and their families?”

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The party also warned that such a decision could lead to a spike in crime rates in the affected cities.

“when millions of people have nothing to feed on for a whole week, some of them might be forced into crime and this could lead to social unrest,” she said.

Ms. Ekenimoh admitted to the severity of the pandemic and expressed support for the various measures taken by the government to contain the virus but urged the government not to leave out millions of Nigerians to their fate.

“We understand that urgent and uncomfortable decisions have to be made to contain this pandemic but if the government will like to see commitment and compliance from all citizens, then it must be willing to immediately set measures in place to deliver palliatives to the most vulnerable Nigerians before the shutdown.

This could mean cash transfers, food and groceries and anything that would not place a burden on these vulnerable Nigerians for the duration of the order,” Ms. Ilamosi concluded.



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