People Talk: On N2.9bn car loan approval for Bayelsa governor (1)
Senator Diri Duruoye

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“This can only bring more hardship on the citizens considering the rate at which hunger is increasing in the land.

“In a country where an estimated 100 million people live in abject poverty, it’s unimaginable that an arm of government would approve N2.9 billion for a car. That should not be encouraged at any level for it is tantamount to waste.” -Yusuf Olaitan, Writer

“Our political leaders are comedians. The masses are here struggling and languishing in abject poverty, hardship and social injustice and the leaders are planning to spend billions of naira on themselves?

“A loan of N2.9 billion to a governor to buy cars is so preposterous!” -Lekan Babatunde , Literary Critic

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“Bayelsa state like several other states, is yet to settle the outstanding payment of their civil servants and pensioners.

“Now, approving N2.9 billion loan for a man who became governor less than a month ago, to purchase a car, is a sad and regrettable move by the Bayelsa State House of Assembly.” -Murtala Fuad, Mediaprenuer

“They are spoilers who corrupt the state and worsen the financial situation. To have approved such a whooping sum of money for cars means they can empty the treasury if given the opportunity.

“If the State Assembly can approve N2.9billion for purchase of fleet of cars,then they are worse than armed robbers.” -Jeremiah Omoria, Artisan

“Nigerians have likened their fellow Nigerians to horses so that they can ride them anyhow. Can you imagine a few individuals converting the resources of all to their own advantage.

“This is sheer wickedness and a calculated attempt to impoverish their fellow citizens.” -Ade Olowo, Spiritual leader 

“Will the cars solve the transportation problems in the state or what is the commercial value of the cars?  Does it mean their purpose of being elected is to extort the state and waste its resources?

“This is nothing other than a way to bring the state backward and divert its resources. Those assembly members are wicked.” -Salíu Femi, Cleaner

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