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March 26, 2020

People Talk: COVID-19: Should FG lockdown the country? (2)

COVID 19, FAAN, Airport

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Samuel Ameh

“The Federal Government should adopt total lockdown, but in doing this, they should provide the necessary healthcare kits and some funds should be given to the masses to take care of themselves for the mean time while they eradicate this deadly virus.” -Ibemesi Cynthia, Corps Members

“The FG should adopt total lockdown with immediate effect. This shouldn’t be a time for questions and answers. Even the strong and powerful countries have been shutdown, and Nigerians are still negotiating and romancing this dreaded virus.

“If this country must pass through this fate in the midst of her dirtiness, then we are doomed.” -Femi Peter Giwa, Corps Members

“No way! Will they provide for our needs most especially food and other essentials? You can’t ask somebody to stay at home without providing for him; it will create another tension which will be worse than the pandemic.

“Let’s have a rethink and map out the way forward.” -Ademola Ruth Businesswoman

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“The country should not be totally shut down because of the masses that depend on daily income; it will increase crime rate.

“The govt is not proactive because it ought to have found the means of curbing the disease before now. Movement should not only be restricted to religious and social gatherings but at motor parks and other places.” -Christabel Charles, Health Consultant

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“I don’t think the country should be locked down because most people cannot cater for themselves except they go out and transact their businesses.

“In as much as the government is adopting measures to curb the pandemic, the masses should be considered.” -Michael Ebere
Computer Engineer

“Yes, Nigeria should be locked down. We’ve been told about social distancing but a lot of people are not abiding by that. Government should set up a task force to enforce the rule.

“Schools have been closed but in the part of the North where I am, some Arabic schools, Islammiya, are still open and kids in these schools are vulnerable because their immune system isn’t strong yet. Shutting down schools is not enough as parents still go to work.” -Fatima Sulaiman, Student

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