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March 25, 2020

[People Talk] COVID-19: Should FG lockdown the country? (1)


By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Samuel Ameh

This is really a sensitive issue though it is the right thing to do to stop the virus from spreading. Yet, we must not overlook the financial stand of the masses.

“Many Nigerians must go out each day to be able to feed. The masses must be provided for with basic needs before this lockdown can be carried out.” -Babatunde Olamilekan, Actor

“I don’t think total lockdown of the country will be okay as it will lead to serious hunger and other health challenges. If the Federal Government declares total lockdown, many Nigerians will be impoverished the more thus making life harder for the common man. ” -Adedipe Folarin, Entrepreneurial

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“This total lockdown should have been done the moment COVID-19 got to Africa as a preventive measure. Nigeria is at risk now because the virus is already in the country; that is just the FG looking for solutions to the deed that had been done.

“However, to avoid exposing Nigerians to more harm, the total shutdown is advisable while we look for means to curtail it internally.” -Tanimola Femi, Corps Member

“The FG should adopt total lockdown of the country by closing the borders completely. The virus is being well controlled in China because they closed their borders to everyone; they stopped people from entering their country with or without the virus. It’s just for a while.

“The virus is fast spreading in Nigeria and opening our borders will make it worse.” -Ralph Siyan-Peters, Law student

“It’s a good idea if the FG adopts total lockdown of the country as a measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria. While trying to enforce the law, FG should provide amenities for citizens such as electricity, finance and other basic human needs, so as to make the citizens comfortable during the lockdown.” -Idebi Faith, Analyst

“Embarking on a total lockdown promises to be the best solution in order to reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

“However, the adoption should not be sudden, as Nigerians need to be informed at least two – three days before such pronouncement, in order to avoid issues such as hunger, insecurity and so on.” -Seyi Ajamu, Photojournalist

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