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By Eric Teniola

THOSE who died in the ill-fated crash were members of Courses 19, 20 and 21 of the NDA.

LIST A: ARMY:-Lt Colonels – 1. S.A. Onipede N/2888, 2. A.J. Ibiyeye N/33300, 3. J.A. Agber N/2712, 4. B.A. Ibanga N/3315, 5. J.O. Okafor N/2803, 6. G.O. Ikoli N/5402, 7. S.K. Aladesuyi N/3259. LIST B: ARMY: – Majors – 1. C.D. Nwambuowo N/5587, 2. E. Ezenwa N/3039, 3. M.H. Leramoh N/2889,  4. S.O. Yawus N/5956,  5. S.S. Agada N/5975, 6. E.O. Amechi-Okoro N/5861, 7. O.O. Mba N/5945, 8. E.J. Onwe N/3196,  9. S. Bature N/6085, 10. T. Zubair N/5465, 11. F.U. Bassey N/6018, 12. O.G. Akise N/3207, 13. J. Shija N/3217, 14. A.B. Famowei N/5936, 15. A.A. Itodo N/6043, 16. J.O. Okobo N/6047, 17. K.A. Opgwu N/6058, 18. M.S. Dambata N/6063, 19. P.S. Stephen N/3389, 20. S.O. Amaga N/6095, 21. C.U.M. La’ah N/6092, 22. I.A. Abolade N/6102, 23. W. Adaa N/6112, 24. E.A. Ushibe N/6207, 25. J. Ugo N/3356,  26. S. Abubakar N/3459, 27. G. Josiah N/4362, 28. Y. Aliyu N/3471, 29. G. Ismaila N/3474, 30. M.I. Ukeh N/3191, 31. S.A. Jibunoh N/6173, 32. I.U. Odache N/3482, 33. I.E. Mauzu N/6181, 34. P.O. Bamidele N/6185, 35. I.D. Nock N/6187, 36. D.S. Oyelola N/6186, 37. L. Nyanayo N/6192, 38. N. Obie N/6195, 39. R.N. Nwankwo N/6197, 40. C.T. Akpe N/6208, 41. R. Okeowo N/6291, 42. R.A. Olufe N/6292, 43. E. Egoro N/3423, 44. A.G. Jegede N/3443, 45. A.H. Dombe N/3477, 46. P. Yaro N/3488, 47. A.Y. Abbas N/4221, 48. C.O. Egharevba N/4222,  49. F. Ogbebor N/5460, 50. B.A. Anebi N/5461, 51. G.O. Oyefi N/5467, 52. I.K. Nwuke N/5470,  53. V.S. Kure N/5483, 54. J.A. Tokula N/5484,  55. T. Abina N/5486, 56. B. Kadiri N/5489, 57. C. Mungu N/5502, 58. A.N. Ebiringa N/5506, 59. O.A. Ogunaike N/6032, 60. B.B. Sadiq N/4028, 61. S.O Gbenro N/4646, 62. T.I. Adahada N/4747, 63. C.E. Ogben N/5102, 64. O. Babalola N/5115, 65. E.W. Ekanem N/5474, 66. C.T. Arowololu N/3216, 67. M.S.Ogbeha, 68. I.J.Raiya, 69. D.O.Okoroji, 70. M.A.Agoyi, 71. V.U.Mukoro, 72. A.E.Mshelia, 73. J.A.Audu, 74. S.A.Oisamoye, 75. A. Bala, 76. M.A.D.Badamasi, 77. E. Ukagha, 78. K.E.Osula, 79. N.A.Kajero, 80. B. Daranijo, 81. M.O.Ajibola, 82. U.A.M.Balami, 83. S. Omakwu, 84. A.O.Obiora, 85. A.A.Kawonta, 86. C. Otti, 87. O.O.Olusanya, 88. O.J.Mbaka, 89. P. Iyayi, 90. T.O.Ogunjobi, 91. G.N.Nze, 92. H. Onwuegbunam, 93. M.A. Pindar, 95. O. Adebayo, 96. B.O. Potsha.

LIST C: ARMY:– Sgt – 1. M. Bahagoo. LIST D: ARMY:- Civilian Staff – 1. O.B. Oshoodi – MOD, 2. M.A. Abu (Mrs) – MOD, 3. A. Okpe – Reporter.

LIST E: AIR FORCE – 1. Wg. Comdr. J.P. Alabesunu, 2. Wg. Comdr. A.S. Mamadi, 3. Sgn. Ldr. J.A. Adeiza, 4. Flt. Lt. S.O. Adamu, 5. WO. M.J. Wakala, 6. P.S. Tarfa Saidu,  7. WO. M.J. Datong, 8. Sgt. A. Soyemi, 9. Sgn. Ldr. Okon Okon Effiong, 10. John Husainu Tela, 11. K. Odubanjo, 12. F.O. Akede, 13. Habu Saidu, 14. A. Duson, 15. T.A. Clement, 16. R.O. Yusuf, 17. S.O. Oyerinde, 18. N.O. Alege, 19. M.T. Njidda, 20. J.K. Osho, 21. E.O. Ikwue, 22. M.M. Gumel, 23. A.A. Ndule, 24. E.J. Ekpong, 25. A.O. Atteh, 26. O.Jaja (VideoCameraman).

LIST F: NAVY – 1. Lt. Cdr. E. Obelen,  2. K.A. Fauka Bello, 3. S.O. Odusola, 4. O. Shiejir, 5. E.J. Gabriel, 6. A.O. Ojekunle, 7. K.O. Igwara,  8. A.O.G. Aboruwa, 9. S. Lasisi , 10. A.A. Amaino, 11. E.N. Okafor, 12. T. Awoniyi, 13. P. Asoro, 14. P.N. Amangbo, 15. O.O. Onabolu, 16. J.O. Omokhuale, 17. C.O. Ochigbono.

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They were members of Command and Staff College, Jaji near Kaduna. They were in Lagos on Naval tour as part of the senior division course. General Monguno is the nephew of Shettima Ali Monguno, a Federal Minister during the First Republic, whom I met when he was a member of the Constituent Assembly between 1977 and 1979. For General Monguno to be alive today is by the grace of God.

General Monguno also served as Commander, Guards Brigade, Deputy Commandant, National Defence College, and Chief of Defence Intelligence. Prior to his retirement from the Nigerian army he was considered for Chief of Army Staff position.

General Monguno voluntarily retired from the Nigerian Army in September 2013. It was around that time that former President Goodluck Jonathan appointed Major General Kenneth Minimah (60) (flying General) of Course 25 as the Chief of Army Staff. The present Chief of Army Staff, Lt-General Tukur Yusuf  Buratai is of Course 29 while the former Chief of Army Staff, General Onyeabo Ihejerika was of Course 25, General Monguno’s colleagues of Course 21 included the former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh (November 7, 1957 – December 18, 2018).

The question is what is so special about the job of National Security Adviser that both the Police and the military have monopolised the appointment. What is wrong in a civilian becoming the National Security Adviser? In our statue there is nothing in it that indicates that the National Security Adviser is the boss of the service chiefs or that he must be a retired military officer or must have a military background.

The National Security Adviser in Canada is a woman – Greta Bossenmaier. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raided Canada’s secretive cybersky on May 7, 2017 to pick her. Even in France, a woman is also the NSA, Claire Landais was appointed February 28, 2017. In France they call the office, Secretariat General for National Defence and Security, founded in 1906.

Sometimes ago I read that in Britain “The NSA is secretary to the National Security Council which is chaired by the Prime Minister and head of National Security and Intelligence (National Security Secretariat) which is part of the Cabinet Office. The NSA will also advise Secretaries of State and other government ministers on issues of national security when necessary. The NSA is the senior responsible officer for the conflict, stability and security fund, with a budget of over 1billion pounds.

The first National Security Adviser, NSA, of the United Kingdom was Sir Peter Ricketts, who was previously Permanent Secretary of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee. He handed over to Sir Kim Darroch in January 2012. On July 7, 2015, it was announced that Sir Mark Lyall Grant would replace Darroch as National Security Adviser in early September 2015. Mark Sedwill assumed the role in April 2017″.

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