Reddington Hospital patient tests negative for Coronavirus ― LASGBy Bose Adelaja

Before the index case of Coronavirus was recorded in Nigeria, Sunday Vanguard had commissioned this vox pop to find out the level of awareness in the country. How well do people really know of this deadly virus?

This was the question presented to people on the streets of Lagos. The responses showed that much sensitisation needs to be done.

What they said:

Coronavirus is not hereditary but can be contacted through air pollution. Although we have been advised to be conscious of it through body contacts, this won’t solve the problem until the government finds a solution to air pollution.

The solution to this disease is to safeguard the air and observe personal hygiene because many Nigerians tend to be careless about their health. They should know that the disease is not a respecter of persons.

The way out is for government to sensitise people through the National Orientation Agency, NOA, and ensure that all vehicles that are not worthy to move on Nigerian roads for emission reasons are disallowed from releasing toxins into the air.

—Dr. Matthew Adebayo Cosmetologist

I am aware of the disease called

Coronavirus which was first detected in late 2019. It is an airborne disease that spreads fast and kills victims within 30 days. I am always afraid anytime the disease is mentioned because it is deadly and I don’t pray to be a victim. When I heard of the spread to an African country, I knew it may spread to Nigeria because many people travel to other parts of the world, especially African countries.

However, it can be managed provided our government and health organisations put in proactive preventive measures.

Nigeria should take a cue from the Philippines that discovered preventive necklace that protects within the radius of two metres of any airborne disease

— Jeremiah Okpechukwu, Trader

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Coronavirus is an airborne disease that spreads fast. It is a communicable disease which easily transmits through cough or cold and kills victims within 48 hours. Many Africans are careless and handle health related matters carelessly. Medical experts are yet to have adequate control over it. Medically, we are uncivilized to control this type of disease and people have to caution themselves and become conscious of their environment just as we did during the outbreak of Ebola.

However, every Nigerian should bear in mind that no epidemic can separate us from relating with our loved ones because we cannot do without hand shake, hugging or having body contacts with our loved ones. God bless Nigeria

—Prayer Oyebola, Fabricator

Coronavirus is more deadly than AIDS and I heard about it in January when I took my baby to a private hospital. I saw people covering their noses. When I asked why they were doing so, I was told that a deadly disease called Coronavirus had broken out in some neighbouring African countries and China.

I heard that the first case was recorded in Lagos and I am pained that the government could be so careless to have allowed such traveller into the country. Anyway, I advise that those travelling into Nigeria from any of the affected countries should be quarantined and medical experts in Nigerian embassies should be alive to their responsibilities by conducting medical checks on intending travellers to Nigeria.

—Eniola Odulana, Hair stylist

I heard that some people are advising that victims of Coronavirus should be killed. That is not good enough. Rather, government of affected countries should do more research. After all, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrone (AIDS) used to be a deadly disease but now, the vaccines have been discovered.

Nigerians should learn to observe personal hygiene and be serious about their health.

Now that the first case has been reported in Lagos, this is a wake-up call for Nigerians to be careful

—Abiodun Oluwatosin, Businessman

I heard about the disease about two months ago. I learned it spreads rapidly but I am pained to hear that Nigeria’s government is yet to find a vaccine to cure it. Nigeria is densely populated and an outbreak of this deadly disease can be dangerous to us.

Also, my fears increased when I heard that the World Health Organisation, WHO, is yet to discover a vaccine for the treatment of affected victims. It is no longer news that it is spreading to African countries including Nigeria. It can be prevented through proper hygiene and precautionary measures

—Chief Ukaegbu Goc, Businessman

I have been unhappy ever since I heard of the disease in Nigeria but what can a common man do in this situation? It is so sad that our people did not conduct proper medical checks before allowing the traveller to gain access into the country.

It is so painful that our government is yet to discover the vaccine for treatment of this deadly disease. Only God can save us from this epidemic called Corona Virus.

I don’t pray to contact it because it kills people untimely but I am confident that it will be well managed just like the case of Ebola.

I advise the government to conduct proper medical tests for people travelling into Nigeria and this is a wake-up call for Nigerian pharmacists and researchers to rise and find a lasting solution to this deadly disease.

In conclusion, both public and private hospitals should be empowered to tackle this sudden challenge that wants to ravage our country,

—Comrade Raheem Waliu, Artisan


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