Bulgaria coronavirus update: 1 death, 2 new cases, 94 infected personThe third victim of the coronavirus in our country. An 80-year-old patient, who was placed in Pirogov with coronavirus and stroke, died. Major General Ventsislav Mutafchiiski announced the death at a briefing at the National Operations Headquarters.

It has become clear that there are two new positives for COVID-19 in the country. Thus, the total number of infected persons reached 94. One of the new cases is a 39-year-old woman from Burgas who was a cook at a restaurant in Bansko. She returned a week ago and was in contact with 25 people. Two Northern Macedonia nationals also tested positive after a break at our winter resort. There is already a patient with COVID-19 in Blagoevgrad.

Mutafchiiski explained that a large majority of the 94 positive samples had not been hospitalized. Most of the hospitals in Sofia have bilateral bronchopneumonia, but still without evidence of respiratory failure. 

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A doctor has been infected with a coronavirus in Veliko Turnovo, but it has nothing to do with the patient in the hospital. 

It became clear that not all British tourists who had stayed in Bansko had left Bulgaria. Some of them are still at Sofia Airport. It is expected that they will soon fly to their home country, with the involvement of the British Embassy, ​​MFA, air carriers and MIA.

The situation around the world remains dynamic. “There is a rather large increase in the incidence of deaths and deaths. The new ones are 15,000 and the coronavirus patients are already 220,000, ”Mutafchiiski summed up.

He also commented on information last night that a patient suspected of COVID-19 had escaped from a metropolitan hospital. “A person who showed up for the examination was found in a state of helplessness with alcohol intoxication. It was taken to Pirogov. A sample was taken at the hospital. Even before waiting for the result, the patient escaped. 

“He was not accommodated in Pirogov. Search activities have been carried out. Found at Central Station and returned to the hospital. Today, it is expected to be clear what its outcome is. It was tested with a quick test that showed a positive result,” he said.



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