By Dayo Osho

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) has been vehemently lampooned by African Association of Professional Freight Forwarders and Logistics of Nigeria (APFFLON), for negligence to its statutory duties on the Federal roads, which one amongst them is to ensure proper checks on vehicles for road worthiness as well as proper documentation.

In a statement issued in Lagos, the National President of the Association, Otumba Frank Ogunojemite, criticised the commission for restricting their dragnet to private vehicles while trucks and articulated vehicles ply the roads freely and irresponsibly, pointing out that most of them don’t have proper documents and are not road worthy.

The APFFLON National President went further to say that in most cases, drivers of commercial   vehicles are not licensed to operate as some of them are mentally unstable while some are not properly informed, thereby conducting themselves in most unprofessional manners, especially while on transit .

The Association went ahead to accuse the Federal Roads Safety Commission of anxiously being on the lookout for kick backs rather than safety on Federal roads, blaming  many cases of seemingly avoidable accidents on our highways on the commission’s negligence and lack of efficiency.

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In the words of Otumba Ogunojemite,” most of the Federal Roads Safety Commission”s personnel indulge in underhand activities that have resulted in loss of lives and falls of containers  via avoidable accidents.

Allowing buses, heavy duty trucks and articulated vehicles ply the highways without proper checks means that the personnel don’t mean well for road users. Some of the drivers are mentally unstable, some are ever high on drugs, coupled with the issue of lack of  insurance or knowledge of traffic rules. We cannot continue like this as a country, every traffic personnel jumps on the road on daily basis just to line his pocket and not to ensure safety.”

Furthermore, the association alleged that the personnel of the Commission always subject private  vehicles to frivolous checks with the sole aim of extorting money from their owners.

“Sometimes you see them park private vehicles by the road side arguing with the owners over what is not in line with their job description, in the end, they request for money, and when it is not readily available, they resort to unnecessary delay and embarrassment. This is the height of impunity and gross abuse of professional ethics.”

Continuing, the Association advised  the agency to wake up from its slumber and re- orientate its personnel to always conduct themselves in most professional manners and also exhibit patriotism, because those losing their lives and investments in road accidents on daily basis because of their non compliance with professional ethics are Nigerian citizens.”



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