February 26, 2020

USA urges Togo to publish individual polling station’s results

USA urges Togo to publish individual polling station’s results

United States of America, USA, has congratulated the people of Togo on their peaceful election, but urged the government to increase transparency by publishing results from each polling station separately.

A communiqué by the US embassy in Togo said: “‘The United States of America congratulates the Togolese people on their peaceful election. We encourage the Independent National Electoral Commission, CENI, to work constructively with all parties to address any complaints regarding any irregularities found on election day.

“One measure the government of Togo could take to increase transparency is to publish the results polling station by polling station.

“This will increase everyone’s confidence in the final results.

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“The United States of America remains concerned about the limited monitoring efforts, including the disappointing decision of CENI to revoke the accreditation of a neutral civil society organisation accompanied by the United States to observe the electoral process.

“Election observation and the active participation of civil society bring credibility, transparency and integrity to the electoral process.

“Not allowing their full participation was a missed opportunity for the Togolese government and people.

“The United States of America will continue to work with the Togolese government and people to promote common values ​​of health, security, education and economic growth, while strengthening democratic institutions.”