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February 11, 2020

People Talk: Visa restriction on Nigeria by US (3)

US announces priority appointments for student visa applicants

By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“It shows how retrogressive Nigeria is becoming. If the giant of Africa can get restricted from entering the US, then we should fix our problems as fast as possible.

“Businesses, means of income of some Nigerians and Nigerians in diaspora will be affected so tell me how do we improve our economy? I plead that the government finds a quick solution to this so as to continue our relationship with the US.” -Ayo Afolabi, Public Analyst

“We saw that coming. Nigeria should make a US for herself. Just as Trump said, ‘Heaven has a wall and strict immigration policies. Hell has open borders.’ Every nation will do what is best for them.

“Majority of Nigerians in the diaspora are involved in crime and other social vices. the decision is a good one. It should inspire Nigerian leaders to make the country better” -Chiamaka Chidi, Fashion Entrepreneur

“I really think the Visa restriction on Nigeria by US is more related to politics than any other thing.  Because US election is coming soon, Trump wants to prove to the people how firm he can be in protecting the US against insecurity.

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“Nigeria is viewed as insecure because we did not take proper documentation of people who come into the country.” -Murtala Fuad, Student.

“The visa ban by US is a good thing, as it will inspire our people to stay at home and develop our country.

“The basic reason for the US visa restriction is because Nigeria ranked third in the global terrorism index statistics which is not what the US wants. We as people have to change our ways. That is the only solution. -Etu Helen Graduate

“I won’t be surprised if other nations of the world follow suit. I just believe and pray it might be a good sign for Nigerians both at home and in the diaspora.

“I think it’s time we start thinking in terms of fixing this nation we call home rather than finding solitude in foreign lands. We can make Nigeria better than US” -Eleazer Babalola, Linguist.

I expect President Trump to think twice before including Nigeria on the list because Nigeria is the giant of Africa and the second-largest U.S. export destination in Sub-Saharan Africa, which has grown the exportation sector of USA.

“Therefore, Nigerians should not be seen as a second fiddle regardless of the situation in the country.” -Godonu Michael, Artisan 

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