By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“This is good enough. Many Nigerians don’t have clean records and the Visa ban will teach them a lesson to put our house in order. Nigeria is blessed but we don’t have capable hands in the position of authority and that is why we are not regarded abroad.

“The FG has started lobbying the U.S. but I wish the steps fail. The Visa ban will teach us a lesson to start doing things properly.”Henry Ohanugo, Businessman

“I urge President Mohammadu Buhari to look deeply into this issue squarely and see what he can do resuscitate Nigeria after all, Nigeria is flowing with milk and honey.

“We are blessed with natural resources which if developed, they can surpass that of America so that Nigerians will not be enslaved in their fatherland.” –Modupe Festus, Petty Trader

“Nigerians should not be belittled by a mere travel restriction after all, not all Nigerians in the U.S travelled without a mission or to seek permanent stay.

“Some travelled for business or other purposes. Some of the best hands in the medical profession, engineering or finance are Nigerians, so, we are not useless after all.” –Saburi Rasheedat, Trader

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“The Visa restriction on Nigeria by the US is absurd because it is like thinking you can wash a hand thoroughly without the help of the other hand.

“It is of note that the bilateral relationship between Nigeria and US is something that cannot be done independently, Both countries have gone a long way in their relationship. God bless Nigeria.” –Yetunde Ibrahim, Businesswoman

“It is really degrading that we have to be put in such a situation, where we have to be restricted from getting access to the U.S visa. We are regarded as being savages and not worthy of inhabiting the U.S.

“However, It would do us no harm if we all can stay in our country and work it out to become a better nation.” –Muheez Adebayo, Writer 

“I think the visa ban is a call to our government and individual to rise to the challenges facing us as a country, tackle them and make Nigeria a true giant of Africa.

“On the other hand, I think it’s just a racist move by Trump. It will on one way or the other keep loved ones away from one another because trips to and fro are impossible. I hope the ban is lifted soon.” –Adora Blessing, Mediaprenuer

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