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February 27, 2020

People Talk: Plan to establish rehabilitation agency for repentant Boko Haram terrorists (3)

insecurity in Nigeria

Boko Haram fighters

Boko Haram fighters

By Bose Adelaja, Olayinka Latona & Rose Chukwu

“We can’t imagine the level of brainwashing they must have been subjected to. Also, we need to put ourselves in their shoes and feel the conflicts they must have passed through before finally deciding to stay off terrorism.

“This is a good move by the Senate to ensure they are properly rehabilitated.” -Babatunde Olamilekan, Corps Member

“In order of priorities, this should not be a necessity for now. Repentant Boko Haram members should be kept under thorough surveillance.

“The focus should be on curtailing and stopping these terrorist attacks and not paying all attention on repentant Boko Haram members.” -Babalola Eleazer, Linguist

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“Of all issues affecting Nigerians, it’s total misplacement of priority! We have more than enough agencies, and adding this won’t do us good and this might promote insurgency in other parts of the country.

“If this is allowed, in no distant time, agency to cater for South-South repentant militants will be pushed forward. All this will increase our recurrent expenditure.” -Oyedokun Ibukun, Public Analyst

“In my own opinion, I think it is not a wise idea. I mean, is there such a word as ‘repentant’ for these people?

“I sincerely doubt it. For me, it’s ‘once a criminal, always a criminal.’ I am not comfortable with the bill. It should be discarded.” -Adora Blessing, Mediprenuer

“Why establish a rehabilitation agency when we have an Anti-Terrorism Dept? It’s better to fund the dept. than create an agency for BH which will later be used to embezzle government funds, or is BH going to be forever?

“If the agency is created, after defeating BH, what happens to it? We need to think and do the right thing. Just like FSARS, the agency will not have an agenda or purpose again then the citizens will be affected.” -Samuel Gbadegesin, Fashionpreneur

The plan the Senate to establish a rehabilitation agency for repentant Boko Haram is a national and security risk to the country. The question I ask is; where is the fund for rehabilitation and who is going to head the agency?

“I believe this is a wrong move by the Senate. In a country where there is a lot of unemployment and insecurity.” -Ifeanyi Okolie. Activist

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