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February 14, 2020

People Talk: On clamour for regional security outfits (3)

Amotekun Corps will assist police curb insecurity — Osun Speaker

By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“I am actually not concerned about this new update but what matters is the authenticity of this security personnel. I mean, the rate at which insecurity is increasing is really alarming and demands maximum attention from the security agencies.

“However, regions forming their own security outfits is not the matter but how prepared are these people to fight the war on insecurity in Nigeria for peace to reign again?” -Adelayo Adebayo, HR Personnel

“Gradually, we are all turning to comedians in Nigeria. If every region starts forming their own security outfits would we all not be confused eventually as to who is who and what is what?

“Please Nigerians, forming different security outfits is the least of the issues we should be debating now.” -Babatunde Olamilekan
Corps member.

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“The onus is on the FG to provide security for her citizens but when the FG is lagging in her responsibilities, there is nothing bad in the regions coming up with formidable security outfits to protect the citizens.

“I only hope it doesn’t lead to disintegration of Nigeria. The motive behind the creation of regional security outfits is highly commendable.” -Gideon Olaiya, Analyst

“The government should encourage regional security outfits in Nigeria because it will help to identify the residents as the operators are closer to the people.

“This will make it easier to combat crime and stop corruption in the sense that people know exactly what a particular person does for a living and extravagant spending will be curbed.” -Taye Martins, Businesswoman

“Insecurity in Nigeria has reached a point where everyone panics over what could happen on their way travelling to another state especially the northern states.

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“Regional security outfits will provide maximum security for the people. However, there’s the need to put these forces in check to avoid the uncouth attitudes attached to other forces in the country.

“Governments of each region should ensure that these outfits perform their tasks equitably to avoid conflict.” -Abina Iyanuoluwa Olumide, Student 

“Establishing regional security outfits mean that every community will have a security outfit responsible for just them and things will be more organised.

“They will be able to take care of the people and know the people in their jurisdiction. This is used in developed countries like the USA. Regional security outfits could be abused by politicians; is Nigeria ready for this?” -Nnam Gregory, Pharmacist.

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