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February 5, 2020

People Talk: Nationwide protest by CAN over insecurity (2)

Nigeria's Insecurity and the Tears it Has Provoked

Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Assistant General Overseer (North), Pastor Ezekiel Odeyemi (middle) leading the regional executives and members of the Church on a prayer walk against insecurity in Nigeria held in Abuja on Sunday. Credit: Luminous Jannamike

By Bose Adelaja & Olayinka Latona

“The protest is a welcomed one and in fact is long overdue. Government has been playing politics with the lives of people, the killing of Christians has continued unabated and the government keeps promising to do something without any action.

Also, there is a lack of sincerity and boldness on the side of the Christian leaders.” -Mr. Ikechukwu Ebose, Businessman

“The Federal Government has glaringly displayed dispirited and apathetic attitude towards the spate of incessant killings and kidnapping of Nigerians.

“However, the protest by Christians across the country is evidence of dissatisfaction against this unruly damages and threat to lives and property by herdsmen and Boko Haram.”  -Seyi Ajamu, Photojournalist/Writer

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“Nigerian Christians are known perfectly well for prayers, supplications and their religious dedications over the past decades but all this I tag as “faith without work “.

“I think an all-out peaceful protest is good, making the voice of zion heard against the wrongs and insecurities affecting the society. -Sinabio Abraham, Analyst

“I consider this a movement of courage, unity, passion and love for one’s kin. It also demonstrates that the Christian family is much concerned about the alarming rate of killings and discrimination inflicted on them because of their faith.

“Furthermore, it is an avenue for them to call on God for help since the FG has failed in upholding the rule of law.” -Tanimola Femi, Corps Member

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The protest by CAN across the nation is a laudable movement which even non-Christians should be part it because this issue of insecurity affects all of us irrespective of our tribe, tongue or religion.

“Every life is precious and we need the government to step up the fight against insecurity in the country.” -Obe Comfort, Analyst

“Our dear country, Nigeria, has become a place where the people are only sure of leaving their homes safely while returning is unsure.

“We now live as mosquitoes that can be killed by anyone anywhere when we supposedly have a government. Hence, protest by Christians against insecurity is a major call to the Nigerian government.” -Olaniyan Temiloluwa, Linguist

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