Moving from privilege to purpose (3)


God is always purposeful.

The casual study of the process of our salvation reveals the following planned purpose of God:


By allowing His son to die for the offence of the world, the Almighty taught humanity an everlasting lesson- He is forgiving and sacrificing.

In like manner, our creator would like us to emulate Him on this, in the course of our relationship with our fellow men. It didn’t matter to God that mankind was in complete rebellion to His will for them. He went ahead to redeem mankind despite their gross sin against Him (John 3:16).

By that singular act of love, God overwhelmed the rebellion of man. God’s continuous love for man should be a perfect example for our relationship with our fellow man in every circumstance. He continuously love you regardless of your daily disobedience to His instructions on the way you should live your life to suit His purpose.

God is the ultimate, you neither add nor subtract from His person. Yet He chose to die in your stead, despite your great offence to Him, just to deliver you from eternal destruction.

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Our relationship with God binds us to Him. To man, grace is a divine benefit. To God, grace is a token of victory. Without grace, man has no authority to receive anything from God. Without grace, God would have lost the battle of man’s redemption to Satan. Without grace, God qualified man for His prepared blessings.

This was made manifest when God provided a substitute for man’s punishment—Christ, His only begotten son. God lay on Christ (the substitute) all the sins and sufferings due to man, and transferred to man the righteousness and blessings of the redeemer. We could not have done anything to merit God’s attention, except for His grace (Ephesians 2:8-9 & 2 Corinthians 5:21).

God did not just save us by His Grace, but also for His grace, that through all eternity His will continue to advance grace to us. (Ephesians 2:7). For anyone of us to ever become who he was created to be, is the full manifestation of God’s grace. This is attained when we seek and understand the purpose of God for our lives.

There will never come a day when God would stop releasing His grace to us. We are meant to grow in our Father’s grace to manifest His glory.


Good work is God-ordained work according to His purpose. God’s purpose for us is to continually do good works during our lifetime on Earth. Since He called us out from before the foundation of the world to be His adopted children, He set the paths in which we shall walk and the accomplishments we should attain on Earth. From the very beginning, God’s purpose was to raise a people that should impact the world- a people that would make a positive difference in their respective environments.

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