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Lack of knowledge of the benefit of Christ

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Lack of knowledge of the benefit of Christ

TEXT: ROM- 14:1-14 – So many people in church today are hypocrite, and the word “hypocrite” means the mask one. It means something or someone that the face is not real.

1. Jesus lives in the word and he works on the word, his apartment is in the word and until a believer lives and works on the word such a believer will have no direction.

2. Everybody on earth is searching for knowledge. The genuine people are busy looking for the word, I was in a revelation this morning and I saw a mad man where people dump waste bin, then while the mad man was picking all kinds of dirt he saw bread hanging a little bit high just close to the waste bin, immediately he saw the bread, he quickly left all he was doing and jump up to grab the bread and he quickly tore off the nylon and took the bread to eat which is the bread of life which also is the word of God. Without knowledge we can never stand sure. Rom. 14:1-14. This chapter was written to the Romans as a result of conflict in the body of Christ in Rome. When Paul brought the gospel of Jesus to them, they received it but they were still practicing some beliefs.

Such beliefs as what we hear today that dog meat, pig, snake and other meats are unclean arid Apostle Paul wrote from prison to them that they should not judge one another in meat just because they are not eating it, He made them to know that those little things are not” the sin we should be looking at because even Jesus himself said that it is not what goes into a man that defiles the man but what comes out of the man. There are some people that are weak while others are strong in spirit.

In Christianity we don’t count age, but knowledge. There are many things that Christ has abolished for us but people still hold on to it. I understand that his birth, burial and resurrection has offered us redemption and sanctification. Apostle Paul said that there is a way to treat weak people in Church and a way to treat those who are strong in the spirit. Last time I said that every action of a man is a product of his thought so it is right in your mind that the whole sin generates.

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Our heart is like a field that anyone can come and play at any time but the manager of the field is the one who will allow the person he wants to play in his field so you are the manager of your heart and you have the right to choose who-plays in your mind. Apostle Paul said we should follow others gently, with understanding and love and by so doing the person will grow. He talked about two categories of people (1) clean persons (2) unclean persons.

These people can’t be detected by their facial looks but by the thought of their hearts. In the standard of Christ, man is not made up with the heart but man is a spirit that has the heart. “The inner man” but it lives in the reign of the man. (1) Unclean person – Luke 11:39-41. Jesus said that these people keep everything on the outside clean but their inside is dirty.

This place tells us about the character of people that filled the church and you need to run away from such people. (2) The clean person Rom. 14:14, 20, 23, I Cor. 6:12, I Titus 1:15. Paul said all things are lawful but you that is clean must not , do all things. Everyone that wants to succeed must jealously guard his heart.

The bible says that evil communication corrupts good manners this is because the heart is easily influenced by eviUftan good. Titus 1:15. How can you have God almighty and still go to a seer or a native doctor to see for you. Prov. 4:23, 23:7.

Jesus Teaching about the Mind

Mark 7:20-23. Jesus gave these teaching while he was with his disciples who were hungry and Because of that ate without first washing their hands, but Jesus told them that it is not what you eat that will take you to hell but your sin, your dirty mind. It is what comes out of you that kills you. That word lasciviousness means lust, James 6:5, Gen. 8:21, Matt. 15:19, Ps. 14:1, 53:1, 3, Jer.~17:l. Every man. needs surgery in his heart and if it is not.

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