February 14, 2020

Hon Kelechi constructs football stadium in Omuma

Hon Kelechi constructs football stadium in Omuma

The lawmaker representing Omuma Constituency  in Rivers State House of Assembly, Hon. Kelechi Nwogu has constructed a 5000 capacity mini stadium in Eberi, the headquarters of Omuma Local Government Area. It is one of his constituency projects.

The stadium played host to the finals of Hon. Kelechi Nwogu Unity Cup, and the two leg novelty football matches between Rivers Angels and Omuma Ex Professionals which were part of the just concluded Omuma Carnival 2020.

It will be hosting ground for top footballing events, including regular trials and scouting for skillful youths from Omuma. There are also talks to make it the home ground of a professional football club, to make it easier for Omuma youths to actualize their dreams of becoming soccer stars.

Some of the facilities in the stadium include: Two dressing rooms, a tea room, and a gym & fitness room.

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The lawmaker said he has concluded plans to build a hotel close to it, so that professional football clubs from far and near can use it for their pre-season training and tours.

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