Greed fuels money ritual  — Methodist Prelate Uche

By Sam Eyoboka

THE Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria, Most Reverend Samuel Chukwemeka Kanu Uche, joined the conversation on money ritualists.

Said he: “There are two types of prophets: there are false prophets and there are true prophets of God.
“From every indication, the alleged prophet involved in this money ritual can be described as a false prophet because the life of any individual is sacred before God and it’s only God Who can take life.

“This prophet can be said to be a false prophet because anybody who is involved in the destruction of human life for ritual is not a good servant of God.

“That person must be a criminal who must face the wrath of the law of the land.

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“The law must take its course to serve as a deterrent to others.

“The police have assured the world at large that justice will be served in this case as the perpetrators of this heinous crime will be charged to court immediately investigation is concluded.

“Jesus did not teach us to take human life. He didn’t tell us to kill. In fact, Jesus said if you hate your brother or sister in your heart or nurture an unforgiving spirit, you have already killed. How much more, ordering somebody to be slaughtered for ritual purposes. That person is a fake prophet and he should go to jail or whatever government decides as commensurate punishment for such heinous crime.

“Every crime committed by man in the sphere of politics or social life generally is linked up to personal greed, avarice and the love of money.

“Hence we find people going out of their ways to be desperate in their quest for riches including taking lives.
“The youths of these days do not want to do hard work and that is the only productive venture. Hard work! Hard work!! Hard work!!! That is the way to go in this new year”.

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