February 17, 2020

Christmas decorations shouldn’t be left as clutters


Waste bins for decoration

By Funmi Ajumobi

There is a season for everything.

There is nothing that gets one in the festive mood more than the Christmas decorations especially the trees with twinkly lights, ornaments and an array of baubles.

It’s a season that everyone looks forward to as companies, streets, homes glitter with decorations and parks are turned into tourist centres. Yet, it is for a season.

No matter how good a thing is, it has its own season. A good intention can become bad and bad can become good.

A family in the United States of America, put up Christmas decorations in November and they received a letter from their estate management to remove the snowman until closer to the holiday season.

Situations and timing determine it.

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Christmas decorations that was once admired at homes and other places are beginning to be a burden just because the season has passed. It is new year and most of us are back at work and children are back to school.

Information available to Homemakers says Christmas is a 12-day celebration starting from 25th December and decorations should come down on the twelfth night which is January 5th or 6th night depending on how you count it. Today is January 17, and many homes are still filled with decorations.

It is prudent to keep them early to avoid repeating the purchase every year. Though there are some that you may not be able to keep, you would have been satisfied that you did the right thing.


The holidays will be back year after year, so make a one-time investment to buy great quality holiday storage. Invest in sturdy red or green bins so you instantly know what items are holiday decor, and invest in storage with proper compartments for ornaments, lights, and collectibles.

You will not have to make this investment again for many, many years, and it will save you time, money, and stress