It’s being a very peaceful atmosphere so far in this dramatic but exciting election. It’s being regarded as the best atmosphere during any presidential election in Togo’s history for the past half a century.

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In case you’ve missed all the drama on election day and the latest happenings, then here are the recap of the *TOP STORIES.*

  1. All seven presidential candidates cast their votes as expected on the election day.


  1. Provisional results from the southern part of the country have seen ex prime minister Agbeyome Kodjo defeating the incumbent Faure Eyademá in majority of the polling stations which puts Agbeyome in an early lead, hence calls for jubilation among his supporters.


  1. Jean-Pierre Fabre, flag-bearer for ANC was the first to organize a press conference. He stressed the importance of the poll and urged his supporters to remain calm. He Claimed the polling stations results his party have collated puts Agbeyome and Faure in the lead but failed to categorically point out that he’s out of the race.


  1. Agbeyome Kodjo, whose house was besieged for 3hrs (6:00pm-9:00pm) held a press conference in his home around 11:00pm. Initially it was to be held at his party’s headquarters.


  1. At that conference Agbeyome thanks his supporters and Togolese for their support this far.

He said, “the poll was peaceful in the south but was astonished by the maltreatment of some of his polling agents at most polling stations in the north, some of whom were sacked in the room before the counting of the ballot papers”. He also alluded to reports of “*over-voting*” in the north. However he assures his supporters that “they are in a *”comfortable lead”* in the south(Greater Lomé and Coastal Regions), they’ve done well in the Savanna region but accepts their performance in the north was not encouraging”. He then goes on to advice the incumbent to *”accept defeat”* if in case he (Agbeyome) is declared the winner by the electoral commission (CENI) since they’re all one people.


  1. As at the time of the press conference (few minutes to midnight), Agbeyome and his party have collated 65% of the polling stations provisional results.


  1. Agbeyome’s spokesman *Max Carmel SANVI* said “even though it’s clear they’re winning, they’ll not “jump the gun” by declaring themselves winners since that’s the sole prerogative of the electoral commission (CENI)”.

He affirmed that, “he’s not anticipating a round-off” *(The constitution says the winner must get 50% plus 1)*


  1. Meanwhile the independent electoral commission had stated earlier, the winner of the presidential election will be declared on Monday evening or latest by 8:00pm, but warned, no media house should declare any professional results or project the winner ahead of their declaration.


  1. There were issues of the revocation of the licenses of some observer missions before the polls.


  1. All eyes are now on the CENI chairman Chambakou Ayassor to do the honourable thing by declaring the “genuine” winner of the of the 2020 election.



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