By Arogbonlo Israel

A 50 year old  Nigerian Femi Akinseloyin has developed an application that’ll help people; particularly non geographers interpret map easily and accurately.

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The app developer who is an alumnus of University of Ilorin says how to make map reading easier for people has been his desire for long time, after observing the intricacies and hassles people go through to correctly read directions from a map.

He however said his inspiration to give his hunch a shot comes from the daily cross word puzzle that featured at the back page of Vanguard newspapers.

Akinseloyin said he became addicted to the game due to the education in it and the healthy tasks it gives to his brain.

However, he was to leverage on it to create a game app for map reading as his own way of adding value to the society like Vanguard does with the crossword puzzle game.

He said: “I have always liked solving puzzles of any type and Vanguard actually played a big role in my puzzle adventure.”

Narrating how he got the inspiration to come up with such a beautiful idea, the entrepreneur said: “In 2017, I decided to go to Uyo in Akwa Ibom to watch the Super Eagles; that was my first time of going to that part of the country and I was shocked at what I found out, the culture, beautiful people. Since then on, I decided I was going to tell the story of Nigeria in a fun and easy to learn way, and draw attention to the untapped tourism in Nigeria.”

On the usage and benefits of the app to its users, the creator said: “The app is in three levels of easy, medium and hard. Its section aims to teach players mostly students about the geography of Nigeria. Arranging states in their positions on the Map will help players learn about the states, the people and their geopolitical locations, boundaries and their languages.

“The trivia question sections have fun, educational, entertaining and easy to answer questions, the questions are about our rich cultural heritage and History as a nation. The app tells a story of our rich cultural heritage and history in a game format, which is very relaxing and easy to learn format. The game has the capacity to enhance national unity and patriotism. The app is free to download for both Android and iOs on Google play store and App store respectively.”

Speaking further, Akinseloyin urged Nigerians to adopt the app as the choicest map game they can leverage on.

“I tell you, it’s always a thing of joy when people can tell their own history, there is not an app game on play store about Nigeria like Nigeria map Jigsaw. We carefully told the story of Nigeria in 300 easy to answer questions all about the cultural heritage, history and geography of Nigeria; communicating all these through the Nigeria map Jigsaw.

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“The questions are about important historical dates, beautiful tourist attractions, festivals all over Nigeria with view of uniting us as a country by learning about other people’s beautiful culture and festivals. It’s fun, entertaining and educational and easy to play,” he added.



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