How modelling in Canada has changed my life - Akinyemi Akinro

Nigerian-born Canada-based model, Akinyemi Akinro, is stepping up his modelling career in a big way.

Akinro in a brief interview with our correspondent over the past couple of years, modelling has actively blossomed from a hobby to a “potential career in my life.”

Though he started out in life focusing on his skills in photography, fashion and graphic design but modelling appear to have emerged as his mainstay as he keeps breaking new grounds every year.

Speaking on his journey so far, Akinro said, “I spent a lot of my time on graphic design as it somehow merged with my academic career as a mechanical engineer which prompted me to embody my ideas [by myself], which then led to modelling.”

His work was initially something he casually found joy in, until he realized how much more potential he had if he exerted some of his energy on it. “I started off doing small gigs for friends and family. This urged me to try things out myself where I used both my fashion and photography skills to do better until I fully immersed myself and was offered a contract with a modelling firm.”

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On what inspires him, the model said, “I think what caught my attention the most was how modelling brought most of my ideas to life. I would envision a look or concept and I would embody them so easily. From the location to the lighting, and from the looks to the people. It was all pleasingly strategic.”

Loverboy emphasized on his struggles of balancing of his aspirations, modelling and his academic career all at the same time, but his advice to young people is for the youth to believe they can cope with doing these with intense time management.

Everything seems to fall in place for the young model as he manages his time and plans his movements; so this really aided the fundamentals of his ‘success story’.

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