January 6, 2020

Govt should explain to Nigerians electricity tariff hike — Actionaid

Ene Obi

Says FG should retrieve decision

Ene Obi

By Gabriel Ewepu – Abuja

A humanitarian organization that fights social injustice, ActionAid Nigeria, Sunday, called on the Federal Government to explain to Nigerians the approved electricity tariff increase.

This was stated by the Country Director, ActionAid Nigeria, Ene Obi while reacting in a telephone chat with Vanguard over the development.

According to Obi who described the action as pathetic said it was uncalled for because Nigeria is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world that do not deserve the hike in electricity tariff.

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She said: “It is going to have multiplier effect on little business and also the big businesses as most of them are running on generators, which is by extension we as a country is running a generator economy and you still want to encourage development in Nigeria and how do you encourage it with such an unfriendly environment, and you are increasing the tariff on what justification.

“This government should pay attention to giving electricity and let Nigerians have electricity because we know the Kainji has enough capacity to give Africa light. Nigeria is taking the lead in Visa-On-Arrival encouraging Africa to look inwards for unity, we should be able to open the channel for economic development and infrastructure is key and we need roads.

“What has the government put in place as infrastructure in the power sector and they are increasing tariff and what is the justification for it? Democracy supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people and you are not involving them, and what is your reason for this kind of hike?

“You privatized a sector which supposed be a life-wire of your economy and now the capitalist is capitalising on the same issue.

“The roads, for example, does not need to go far to look for money because they can establish tollgate, they should focus on opening all the sectors of the economy.”

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She further stated that “The government should retrieve this decision and give justification and explain to Nigerians. It is very pathetic. When we have a country that is the poorest at this moment and you are increasing electricity tariff.

“We need to take the people seriously for once and how many kilowatts are we providing and we have not dealt with the crazy bills. If these DISCOs are making losses show us and most of them are running generators in their offices.”