January 5, 2020

Anita Joseph begins 2020 with luscious bathtub video

Anita Joseph begins 2020 with luscious bathtub video

By Ayo Onikoyi

Nollywood diva, Anita Joseph has done a lot of wild things in her illustrious career as an actress and singer but nothing holds a candle to the post she made on Friday on Instagram.

It was simply off the hook. Anita posted a complete nude picture of herself taking a bath in a bathtub with only soap foam as cover.

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But as the post shows, the actress was not out just to give us a pornographic tease she was only doing her last video session for a brand she represents, Grerivian Cosmetics as the deal will be ending this January.

“I have represented loads of brands and I’m really glad I worked with @greriviancosmetics because that brand is owned by my chick @grey and my deal is over this January. The best skincare all over the world. If I hear any complain (referring to the sexual brashness of the video) you will tell me if you are @realmcfish (her fiance).” she writes.

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Anita Joseph had it so good in 2019 as she launched a business for herself, Hourglass Fasion World as well as a man, MC Fish born Fisayo Michael who has promised to love her forever.