Amotekun : Son of a thousand fathers?

A socio-cultural group, ASHE Foundation has raised concerns over the continued bastardization of original African traditional identity and the divisiveness of followers of Abrahamic dogma.

In response to Prof Akintola of Muric statement that Amotekun is a Christian militia and some Christians quoting Jeremiah, Prince Justice Faloye, President ASHE raised doubts about whether Abrahamic faiths can ever allow Black Africans to unite and rise.

The cultural miseducation and disorientation of the Black Race prevents us from seeing things from our own unique viewpoint, which we often denigrate due to our imbued racial inferiority complex. Despite the loss of lives and alleged ethnic cleansing, it is sad to see a Yoruba tar a security unit to complement the efforts of the police, as Christian militia. Are Yoruba lives to be discounted on foreign dogma?

We have always heard of the Lion of Judah, why does the Leopard, the cultural totem of South and Middlebelt, seen in all Yoruba, Igbo, Igala etc palaces be dragged into a fight between the sons of Abraham, if not racial inferiority complex and cultural disorientation.

With all due respect to Jews, the Leopards referenced in Jeremiah 5:6 obviously didn’t do their job if Israel ended up being ravaged and destroyed twice in the last 3,000 years of their 6,000yrs existence.

Are we not jinxing ourselves comparing the African Leopard, the totem of Original African culture that has survived for at least 30,000yrs, despite the recent trans-Atlantic slavery and several wars? In just a few wars, all Jews were carted away in slavery to present-day Iraq compared to Yorubas and Igbos ravaged by slavery for 350yrs but still remain the most populated and prosperous lands in Black Africa. The Arabs are not better with war and poverty.

Witnessing the masses naturally warm up to Amotekun, the totem of Original African culture, it is obvious previous culturally divisiveness is driven by self-serving elites. Recent scientific studies based on genetic and cultural anthropology have shown that Southern and Middlebelt Nigeria is the origin of humanity and where the first civilization evolved, known as Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa, but our elites continue to sell us short to Abrahamic power centres that made and pay them. Because of what they want to eat, they misrepresent our identity and confuse our collective aspirations.

Despite the clear example of how Oyo, Yorubas frontier empire, was ravaged by the same Afro-Asiatic marauders, is in the process of being repeated, Prof Akintola won’t mind the death and ethnic cleansing of his people to serve outside interests, probably for the price of being made the Grand Kadi.

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When would we stop these defeatist attacks on our collective origins, identities, linkages and aspirations by pseudo elites created by outside interests.
Like in the movie, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, when Tuco the Mexican cowboy said the famous line, “a son of a thousand fathers.. . as one bastard goes out and another one comes in”, we also have those engaged in Eurocentric distractions on whether Amotekun is Cheetah, Lion or Leopard when the Leopard is the only one out of the Panthera family Indigenous to Southern Yoruba Rainforests. The Cheetahs natural habitat is the savanna grasslands.

For crying out loud, why do we need to see and justify ourselves through outside reflections, instead of seeing that regardless of the European definition, this is the same animal used as the cultural totem of Igbos, Igalas and other members of the Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family that spreads from the Gambia to South Africa. The cultural disorientation that prevents them from using simple common sense and eyes to help them make the right connection, also extends to the ignorance that, not only are they continuum of dialects but are the co-creators of the world’s first civilization, knowledge and spirituality.

The divisive Miseducation starts from the fact that there is nowhere in the world where tribes jump over each other and migrate several thousands of miles to settle where they are not related to their neighbours. The Germans separated from the Russians next door, while the English, Dutch and Danes separated from the Germans. The Latinos also diverged from the same Indo-European ethnolinguistic family to form the Italians, French, Portuguese and Spanish. A mere continuum of dialects is how the world spread, but African pseudo-intellectuals and historians continue the divisive narrative of Yoruba ‘Waka alone’ from Mecca, Igbo from Jerusalem, Jukun from Yemen, all totally rubbished by DNA and linguistic evidence that reflects a continuum like a sea of humans.

They promote inferior intellectual foundations based on one way linear thinking to replace the Original African dualistic complementarity –a zombie thinking instead of circular thinking of Ejiogbe in Ifa. Under their noses, to create computer technology foreigners adopted the electromagnetic energy of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa derived from the combination of 16 Odus by 16 Odus to make 256 pulses.

The same Original African Information retrieval system that our pseudo-African intellectuals had discarded because its operator Esu had been wrongly equated to the devil. However, just like science has proven us right on our Southern Nigeria origins and linkages, it also supports our moral foundations that didn’t accept the existence of a standalone evil figure called devil.

Science proves that negative and positive can’t be separated, as the smallest indivisible particle, the Atom has both negative (electrons) and positive (protons). This backs Original Africans belief system that in everything and in God, there is good and bad, positive and negative especially since he is Almighty.

But, just like we still witness with Prof of Islam Akintola misrepresenting Original African culture, Reverend Ajayi Crowther wrongly equated Esu to the Devil and plunged us into the most corrupt phase of our existence as African Abrahamists shunned their natural laws of retributive justice. Crowther not only wrote the Yoruba Bible, but translated Igbo and Igala languages that institutionalized the process of our cultural miseducation by imperialists.

These servants of our conquerors turn our proud history, science and identity upside down and prevent unity that could inspire us to freedom, peace and global racial parity. If you don’t know yourself and family how do you strike alliances that can fight for the survival of your collective. It is all about the pseudo elites and their family and hangers-on. As Fela sang, the Oyibos and Arabs will find a person without pedigree or dignity and empower them with money and titles, and then made our intellectual and political leaders.

However despite the theft and bastardization of Original African culture, like the story whereby to determine the true mother of a stolen but found heir apparent prince, by telling the kings wives to cook a special meal and whoever cooks a meal that naturally attracts the prince was his mother, the people have taken to Amotekun like a fish to water.

Original African culture being the first and fullest allows all other latter-day religions because it is the father of all. This openness continues to be abused like the proverbial visitor who we invite to join us at a meal but holds our hand to prevent us eating. It is time to put borrowed religions and dogma aside and fight for the survival and development of the Original African cultural, political and economic sphere.

We must infuse certain facts into our collective consciousness. First, there are only two cultural spheres in Nigeria – Original Africans (Yoruba, Igbo, Ijaw, Igala, Kwararafa/Middlebelt, Deltans etc) and Afroasians (Fulani, Hausa, Kanuri, Amhara etc). Second, Original Africans are the most blessed people, rather than the arid lands of the Middle East, we are the origin of humanity, the true Eden where we pick wild Yams the largest source of carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and palm oil for free. The 700 million-strong Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic family is the oldest of the full statute modern man, with Yoruba proven to have separated from Pygmies 87,000 years ago compared to the White and Abrahamic races.

Yes, we might currently be the most deprived and disenfranchised race at this point in time, but remember that out of the 12,000 years of human civilization, we were first among equals for 8,000yrs until 2,000BC when we began losing to White Abrahamic bearers of Ogun weapons. They have been on the ascendancy for 4,000 yrs, reaching the Black heartland of Nigeria over the last 1000yrs.

Now, in 2000AD starting from our 1999 return to democracy, it is time to wake up and reclaim our local, national and global ascendancy and parity. The natural laws of precession predict that Yoruba/Igbos will lead Original African leopards into 2000yrs of global cultural and economic justice and prosperity.

So, with the previous 8,000yrs of global Black ascendancy and the next 2000yrs, making 10000yrs in total compared to the 4,000yrs of Eurasiatic domination, Original Africans don’t need to adapt, copy or confuse their naturalist Original African Leopard identity for foreign dogma.


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